Costco CE Smart Home Wifi plug

I was at Costco in Canada and found these two smart plugs. They are made by Charging Essentials.
They were two for $25 Canadian so I thought I would give it a try. I was hoping there would be a device handler or a ifttt integrations. I have not found anything here. They might be too new. I did find some info here.

They are a LITESUN unit, model # is LA-WF3.

Found the FCC docs and definitely built around a module that is ESP8266-based. Should run stuff like Tasmota just fine. Figuring out how to take it apart will be the next step… … re-3819439 … al-3596121

Is there anyway to get it to run through Smarthings?


Also interested in this. Perhaps a cloud-to-cloud integration.

Same here, I would have buy 6 yesterday if they were integrating to ST. :frowning:

Following, as we just bought these.

Really hope someone figures a way to use these plugs since CNCT IntelliPLUG stopped IFTTT integration, and other similar are so expensive in Canada!

I bought 2 packs ( 4 outlets) from Costco, and they’ re setup. I downloaded the CE smart up on my Android phone, and they are working perfectly using the app on my cellphone .

Did you find anyway to control with ST?

Just bought 4 today to control Christmas lights. Working well with Google Home but would really like to integrate with SmartThings.
Just replaced the CE Smart Home App with the Smart Life app. Still doesn’t help with ST, but provides much better scheduling. Devices are added just like with CE Smart Home.

Thanks. Looked at the smart life app, seems to have issues with the time change and metric settings. Did you find the same?

I’m just using the Smart Life app to schedule lights on at sunset and off at 11:00. That’s good enough for now and at about $12 per oulet it’s as cost effective a way as any to control Christmas lights. It sure would be good to get them into Smartthings so I could integrate them into routines etc. and use them throughout the year.

Thanks. I have other WiFi plugs that use to work with ifttt, but the integration was removed by the manufacturer. Going to try smart life and see if ifttt is an option.

If they show up as controllable in the Amazon Alexa app routines ( not a smartthings routine) , You can use That app as a “man in the middle” And get limited one way smartthings integration that way. (SmartThings Will be able to turn the switch on and off, but turning the switch on manually will not trigger anything in SmartThings)

The setup is a little weird because at present Amazon routines can only be triggered by either a sensor Or an echo button. Not a switch.

However, the good news is that that could be a virtual sensor from SmartThings. So you can create a virtual sensor, create an Amazon routine that starts when that virtual sensor is marked as open, and then use smartthings to change the state of the virtual sensor.

Like I said, it’s a little goofy, but it does work. And for something like holiday lights any brief lag shouldn’t matter.

See the following FAQ (this is a clickable link)

So that’s another option for some Wi-Fi plugs as long as they work with echo.

Let me know how it goes. I haven’t had any luck to date.

Played around today, without success :frowning:

I was looking at a couple of IFTT applets that purport to link Smartthings and Smart Home. When I tried them I couldn’t see my devices. There are a few discussions around on how to fix this, but no luck for me there either.

Hi, I bought some of the CE smart home plug and dimmer and they work perfectly in the Google home App. I have some buzzing issues with the dimer on my suspended LED fixture tho…

Bought these in december and setup without a problem, even added them to my google home and now i see my plugs and chromecast as well, even works with voice.

CE Smart Wi-Fi Smart Dimmer Switches can be paired with applets for Smart Life within IFTTT (however you will want to leave the devices in the CE Smart app; device will function as is with the Smart Life applets set up on IFTTT).

This however is only available for the Dimmer Switches and is not yet available for the Smart Plugs.

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I also have 4 of these and would like to know if there’s a way to integrate with ST.
I was able to follow the TP-link integration by using the cloud setup so it should be possible but I’m not a developer :confused: so can’t really do it my self. I’ll follow this thread just in case.
From now one I will continue with TP-link for future purchase since they are working very well.

For those who are comfortable disassembling and flashing these devices, it is possible to integrate them with Smartthings. I have two which I flashed with Tasmota using these instructions: and using the device handler for Tasmota by BrettSheleski : Sonoff-Tasmota. Make sure to reserve the ip address for the plugs in your router. I also did this with the two pack of outdoor wifi plugs Costco had at the time, I don’t remember the brand though. They’ve been working great now for around 5 months.

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