Wemo vs ST Wall Sockets

Apologies if this is covered elsewhere, but every time I search for WeMo I just get loads of people using the plugs (or having problems!) without any comparison.

My question is, if I use the button on the top of a WeMo switch to turn it on (as opposed to using ST), does ST know instantly that it’s on or does it have to wait for a poll to happen?
Conversely, does the ST plug notify instantly? I would imagine so, but need to check.

What I want to do is plug this in behind the TV - the kids come downstairs in the morning and turn the TV on at the wall, it’s a 4-way extension with TV, Soundbar, PS3. I switch it off every night on my way to bed.
I’d love to use this “turning on the TV” as a trigger for CoRE to take me from Night to Home mode, but I know from using Hue lights controlled through a Hue Tap as triggers that you have to wait for ST to realise that you’ve changed something. If I use ST to change the Hue lights, the triggers happen instantly.

So - WeMo, instant response or not?

My wemo switches go offline pretty often within smartthings, even though they are always available in the official wemo app. Wemo is generally very reliable but not within smartthings.

Cannot recommend you avoid Wemo like the plague enough. really rough SmartThings integration. Equally as rough first party support.

Use this wemo custom device type. I did not have it drop for a year now:

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