Wemo switches not reporting status

For the past few months, my WEMO switches have not been updating the status in Smartthings properly causing failures to automation. When I launch the WEMO app the status is correct but not correct or updating in Smartthings. Im unable to see the app to reauthenticate in the new app under Smart Apps or Linked Services. Looking for help if anyone has a solution.

You could setup a"refresh" piston in WebCore for this switch. This might solve your problem.
I did it for a Tuya plug and it works good.

Just found this, looks like the latest firmware broke the integration:

i will admit that I left wemo after they introduced their new cloud. for me, everything went downhill, even in their own app. i replaced them and have been very happy with that decision.

I have replaced 1 that went bad already, may be time to remove them all…

two alternatives to consider for replacing the wemo plugs are tp-link kasa or meross. i have both and have no issues. i lean towards meross as they support homekit but they also have non-homekit versions. both are on sale frequently at amazon. both also have outdoor plugs.

meross has some dual plugs that i really like.