WeMo Switch unresponsive

I’ve got an old WeMo Switch I use and it’s constantly unresponsive to Alexa and when using the SmartThings app - does anyone else have similar issues? And if so has anyone figured a way to correct the problem?

I completely agree, but have the switch so figure might as well get some use out of it.

Only one access point and 11 wifi devices. It does respond better with the WeMo app.

I’ve got one dual band gateway.

Additionally I should note that the switch does occasionally work just fine, but the majority of the time there’s a lag time - however lately it’s becoming more common to just. It respond at all.

I have a single Wemo switch left after I sold all my other ones because they were nothing but trouble…
Then I found this post and with the new device type code I have not had any problems since I installed it over a year ago!

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If you’re on the wemo community website, you’ll see so many problems and no fixes and no support. Half the products have been discontinued. I concur with selling them to someone who has simple needs ie turn a lamp on/off from an app as anything more than that is just not reliable. The rules seem to work once every 20-30 times they’re supposed to run. It’s crazy!

Sorry for bothering you but I didn’t see much of any instructions on that page. On Github I saw separate code for devices and the connect, but do I install the connect advanced as a smartapp and then install code for my devices as device handlers?

You just need to install the code for device handlers and assign the device handler your wemo devices.

The Wemo (Connect) app is only for discovering Wemo devices that have not been added to Smartthings yet.

Here is a how-to, just in case:

I just wanted to say thanks for the recommendation - my switches are working much better.

Sure, happy to help!

Credit goes to @ule though… he wrote the device code. :stuck_out_tongue: