Does the Old Wemo Connect App not work anymore?


My Wemo connect app does not discover any wemo switches anymore and I tried the new Wemo advanced connect app, but couldn’t get it to work ? I don’t even see the old Wemo connect app under “Market Place” then “Smart Apps”

Any thoughts folks?



yeah… I was looking for that app for a while, too. Here is what you do:

iOs App -> Marketplace -> Things -> Lights & Switches -> Switches & Dimmers -> Belkin

When you connect your Wemo device, the app will install automatically. It is still a little flaky and I recently had to uninstall/reconnect my Wemo device after a power outage.

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many thanks @pizzinini :slight_smile:

Hi @pizzinini, Have you tried wemo connect advanced ? it has a watchdog to avoid disconnections.

Hello @ule: when I installed your app, it “discovered” the wemo devises, but they would’t work: when I press the button, the wemo switch wouldnt turn on? any idea what I am doing wrong?


HI @Yustos,

  1. What device are you installing? switch, light switch ?, motion? insight?
  2. Could you turn on the wemo with the Belkin app?
  3. Are you sure the wemo device you turn on in ST app was created with the wemo connect advance?
  1. wemo outlet switch
  2. Yes

There is a wemo outlet switch that I can’t remove. I get “unexpected error”. I also can’t delete the old “Wemo connect app” it gives me “unexpected error”. Also: Do I install ALL devise handlers that you uploaded or only the one that operate the outlet switch?

Appreciate any insight.

Oh oh… you got me there…! I knew your app existed but was just too lazy to set it up .

Fixed it now and installed it. I do actually like the updated device type that comes with it for the insight switch.

THe insight switch is actually the last Wemo device I have. I use the power sensor to detect if the washing machine is done with laundry via the Wemo app. Just sold all the other switches on eBay because they failed me too often. The insight switch has never had a problem in over a year now though, so it is a keeper!