Belkin WeMo

(Andy Moreno) #1

Anyone know if Smartthings will work with Belkin WeMo switches. I am still waiting for my kit and was wondering whether to kit the Belkin switches I have.


(Andrew Urman) #2

@moreno5 Everything should work using IFTTT, but we are also about to begin a private beta for direct WeMo devices. Shouldn’t last more than a few weeks!

If you want to sign up for it you can do it here:

(Andy Moreno) #3

Ok, well up for that as soon as I receive my smartthings package. I think it is coming soon.

(Cory S) #4

Not to change the subject, but I’m curious. Does the Wemo have any benefits over a zwave outlet connected to ST?

(Andy Moreno) #5

Hi Cory,

I am not sure of the technical benefits, but for me it is a cheaper and off the shelf option for the UK.

(Alex Saad) #6

@coryds Wemo runs only by wifi and you could define rules to get control over outlets and lights.

(Fshultz) #7

I have a few of these that I’d like to get to work with SmartThings as well. I can always exchange them for Z-Wave outlets but with the new Belkin Wemo Insight ( coming out, it might be nice to have another option to get energy usage and be able to control a remote switch.

(Varun) #8

Hi there! I’m signed up in the beta test section, but haven’t seen the option to participate in the WeMo beta.

Can I get in?

(Brad) #9

Hopefully I can get in the beta because I just picked up 2 WeMos from Home Depot for $59.98. Sold out online but my local store had them so I got lucky.

By far the best deal I’ve seen on these.

(Fei Xiao) #10

I’m in the wemo beta. It works great. I have noticed some minor bugs like the icon not always updating ( showing on when the switch is off) but I’m chalking them up to a polling issue.

(Adam Skoreyko) #11

Any updates on the Beta program? I have purchased 4 WeMo switches and I am trying to decide if they should go back in favor of some GE light switches instead. Does the Beta actually make the individual WeMo devices show up as Smartthings?

(Fei Xiao) #12

Yep. Wemo shows up in SmartThings and turn on/off just fine, however, the dashboard sometimes doesn’t show the real state (on/off) but it’s BETA.

Wemo Device

Belkin wemo Manager

(Gene Kendrick) #13

My Wemo switches show up in Smarthings, but my Wemo light switches do not. Is anyone else on the beta having these problems. Also is there a forum to discuss the beta.

(Adam Skoreyko) #14

@ Fei Xiao - Thank you for the reply! I will just keep the WeMo plugs then. WeMo has the advantage over the Jasco plugs simply because it will still operate outside of the ST ecosystem if you ever needed.

Looking forward for the release of WeMo to everyone else!

(Sunil K) #15

How do I get Wemo switch added to my Smart Things ? Happy to participate in Beta if that helps.


(Jason J) #16

Any update on when this will get out of Beta? I have submitted my request to join beta, although no response yet - really want to integrate my Wemo insight plug and ST motion detector, IFTTT won’t accommodate my use case : on when motion, off if no motion for more than 10 min.

(Ardenite) #17

Tweet IFTTT that there is an unacceptable delay on your recipes. They will ask for the Recipe ID numbers. They do something on their end, and in a few minutes your recipes will run in seconds, not 10 minutes. I’ve had to do this twice now but it works.

(Col Hack) #18

IFTTT polling rate is approximately 15 minutes. Even if they can speed it up on a case-by-case basis, there’s still no guarantee of real-time performance. Even 5 seconds delay is too long when you expect your lights to turn on as soon as you enter a dark room.

(Wamble J) #19

I have been using SmartThings Labs with a few belkin wemo plugs. Once I realized I needed the smart app to add the devices it was up and running. I have noticed however that the device works ok if turned on/off from the “things” tab, but if I try to control it from the dashboard, the icon lights up but the light does not respond correctly.
Not sure if this is just me or if others have noticed this. Not a big deal, but I didn’t know if there was a place to report bugs so that ST can be aware.

(Boris M) #20

My SmartThings Labs Wemo App is not finding the wemo switches I have at home. Am I the only one with this problem?