Cheap WeMo Switches

I see that a few folk have got the WeMo switches working. Just to let you all know that Currys have the Switches for £29.99 and the Insight Switch for £39.99 - I think this could be ending today though, although you can buy online and have it delivered or you can reserve in store at that price.

Keep an eye on Amazon UK - they were selling for £21.99 over the weekend.

Would avoid Currys, their price always seems to be at top end.

My Memory UK currently at £24.98

Just wish ST sensors were more widely available - maybe would have forced Currys to rethink their prices.

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Personally wouldn’t bother with these, they’re crap!

Mine randomly turns on, sometimes it doesn’t even turn on when asked! Not to mention the thing is so damn big compared to the SmartThings plug

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That is a really sweeping statement.

Personally I have four of these running and have yet to have a problem. Yes, they are a bit on the bulky side but I can live with that. What I do like is the override switch at the top of the front face - a quick and easy way to turn on/off.

A recent firmware and app update is an indication of ongoing maintenance and I also believe that ST are working on various aspects of their control.

So all in all for just over twenty quid at the time - but there again, my glass is always half full.

Only stating the truth :slight_smile:

Seems a lot of people have the same on/off issues as me. I work from home so I notice when my lights randomly turn on.

I had a floor lamp in my room hooked up to one, but had to unplug it when it randomly turned on in the early hours, waking me up.

For £20 or whatever though, maybe they’re worth it for non-light devices like a coffee machine

I have four also and the have been solid after firmware update. You have to have a robust wifi network and wifi extenders I have found are confusing to them (set exclusions solves this). For £20 odd they are well worth it. My only gripe is they are a bit bulky don’t allow plug next to it to plug in but I agree bit of a sweeping statement to say they are cr*p especaily under half price of the decent zwave ones.

The £21.99 deal is back on in 15 mins (12:00 02/12/15)

I have nothing but problems with WeMo… I even have 1 that turns on and off by itself (when it should not)
The only thing I like about them vs SmartThings is the better " manual " on/off button. Rest of it is pure crap - and they use non-standard multi cast to detect the devices - so they get caught in systems that has REAL multicast support for Video.

Hi Kaz911, that’s interesting, where did you hear this? I thought they use SSDP for discovery? i.e broadcast on and port 1900 which is pretty standard.

I am pretty sure your issue was fixed with a firmware update the turn on and off. With a properly configured router and decent wifi coverage you should have no problems with these Wemo devices unless its faulty. I have 4 now and all work perfectly ( i fear repeating myself with latest firmware) along with the ST socket I don’t notice much difference between them from and end user experience point of view except they are bigger and can stop the plug next to them from being able to use the socket, this is my biggest gripe with them. For £20 I am very happy with them.

Could you please elaborate as I am struggling to understand how? or let me know your source? as it really is very little traffic being sent out of these devices in the whole scale of things and you have to subscribe to traffic in a multicast situation, just interested more than anything

they send out broad cast storm on it - which is why now Multicast aware routers block the packets after a while - and you can (at least on Virgin Routers) stop the behaviour by disabling the IP Multicast overflow detection. (Then Wemo Works on Virgin)

but it does not work for me on HH5 and MicroTik routers - and I have wasted enough time debugging the issue.

I have waited 6 months for them to fix it (bug introduced first in firmware 2 revisions ago) - November firmware was supposed to fix it but did not.

And as I said - one of my WeMo’s turn on and off at random - which is pretty interesting (that was the only one with REMOTE enabled)

I am not sure what bug they are on about and if each Wemo device was sending enough traffic to create a broadcast storm I am sure I would of picked this up, my devices aren’t detecting any broadcast issues, althogh I will check again ( I do have some pretty good monitoring on our network). Is it only using discovery with WeMo app?, I only have to do this the once for the setup then SmartThings does detection and control, haven’t checked the WeMo smartapp in ST yet to see what it does but in the live logging doesn’t seem to heavy at all. Suppose it could be the response from SSDP request. One way round is to not do the discovery and just control, just make sure you have a DHCP reservation for the devices so they don’t change IP configuration.

For the record I leave remote control off on all of them as ST takes care of that.

I do not think you will have the issues with remote disabled. When I disabled it it seem to work " better " but still not perfect - especially on iOS.

Ironically, after my comment, I’ve ended up using one of these for my Christmas tree lights. For some reason, the SmartThings plug doesn’t work with them!

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