Wemo Smart plug Install/manage remotely

Hello folks,
I have a Belkin/Wemo Smartplug model F7C027 as well as a more modern version of the Wemo mini-smart plug in a home I manage remotely. I leverage these smart plugs to restart a wireline network extender for my security cameras and thermostat…(long story but I noticed lots of power outages causing constant need for this type of reset…thus the wemos switch).

This is in a home I manage remotely and my caretakers are crappy when it comes to installing technology.

My router needed to be reset and I have only recently been able to get back online in the house.

However, now the wemo’s who had been connected to my samsung smart hub have gone offline with no way of getting them back online via smarthungs hub.

Is there a way to do recconnect them to the router or samsung smarthub without having someone on-site with the Wemo app (which I already tried and failed from afar)?

I have the MAC address for both the Wemo Plugs…I already tried to add them to the router but they come up as INACTIVE in the DHCP. I also tried to add them to smarthings web interface using the MAC address but it also doesn’t work to switch them off and on…despite appearing ONLINE in the smarthings hub web interface.

Thank you in advance and I would greatly appreciate anyway of helping me out.

I’m having the same issue with my WeMo devices formerly active in ST. I suspect it has to do with the fact that the WeMo app recently got a security upgrade and now requires login credentials. I had to reconnect WeMo’s I had automated through IFTTT, which fortunately supports logging into device access with credentials. SmartThings does not. Be sure to send a note to ST support to let them know that many of your devices are offline because they’re behind the curve on supporting WeMo authenticated login.