WeMo switch Offline need help

I have a WeMo in wall switch that is offline, but working with the WeMo native app. I have tried the following:

  1. Removed the device from SmartThings and the WeMo Connect app. Readded, no luck
  2. Restet WiFi from the right button on the switch, No Luck
  3. Turned off circuit breaker and turned back on, No Luck

Can’t figure this one out, as it is shown in the WiFi scanner as on the smae network as Hub V2 and has a valid IP, and works outside of ST. Any ideas would be appreciated.

UPDATE: Found a fix even though it is a asinine method. I selected each switch in IDE and removed them then restarted the discovery in ST app and all was corrected. The stupid method makes all CoRe or SmartRules useless and all automations have to be rebuilt. WeMo integration is piss poor. I am hoping that the New Super LAN Connect Beta handles things better. WeMo devices can go offline when the WiFi is rebooted, or the hub is rebooted. So WeMo connect is truly horribly miss handling things.

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I have thought about it, and all the new switches I added are Z-Wave. I am going to wait until the Super LAN Connect is released and give it a try.