Wemo on another network?

My wemos switches (not bulbs) are on another network so not connected to my smartthings hub. Is there an easy way to turn groups of them on and off with a smart app and IFTTT? Or any other way? Since they do not support groups with the switches I’m struggling to see how I can do it even with a virtual switch.

No one else with this issue?

IFTTT will probably be the easiest. You can use a single trigger from SmartThings to trigger multiple recipes, so that would be one way.

The other would just be to set up a virtual switch for each of your wemo switches and use IFTTT with multiple recipes for each depending, again, on the exact use cases needed.

It just comes down to what your IFTTT lag is. This varies a lot from one person’s house to another. At my house it’s a typical eight seconds. That works for some schedules, like “turn on at sunset” but is probably too long for turning a WeMo light on with a SmartThings controlled motion sensor.

So it just comes down to the details of what you need.

Ok get the multiple virtual switches per wemo swich after thinking about it and can use a routine to have one activity trigger all of those virtual switches. Thanks.

How do you do this? “You can use a single trigger from SmartThings to trigger multiple recipes”? Ideally that is what I want and couldn’t figure it out. Thanks for all the help tonight!

You still have to set up one IFTTT recipe for each “that” that you want to have occur, but they can trigger off the same “If.”

So let’s say you have a virtual switch in smartthings called “living room lights” and it represents a group of three different wemo switches.

You would have the following 3 IFTTT recipes:

Recipe 1

If {SmartThings living room lights comes on} then { turn on wemo switch 1}

Recipe 2

If {SmartThings living room lights comes on} then { turn on wemo switch 2}

Recipe 3

If {SmartThings living room lights comes on} then { turn on wemo switch 3}

So with that set up, Once the living room lights virtual switch comes on in SmartThings, IFTTT will see it and fire all 3 recipes.

Ok got it working although you can not do this -

So if I have a fourth IFTTT swich that “acknowledges” the virtual switch was turned “on” and flips it “off” all four would be triggered and my virtual swich reset?

It seems to turn off the switch and prevent the others from seeing it was ever “on”.

Solved by using a power meter on the virtual switch to flip it off after 1 minute. I think this will work :wink:

That doesn’t sound right. What kind of virtual switches are you using: binary or or momentary? Also, There can be a timing issue is you can’t guarantee which of the four recipes would see the switch turning on first.

Can you list exactly what the fourth recipe does it mean if/then format?

Sorry missed your post so edited the other one. I had a smartthing switch and two IFTTT routines. One to turn on all wemo switches and one to “reset” the switch to off.

As you noted you can’t determine the order and the reset was happening very quick. When I got rid of that IFTTT routine everything works well (although IFTTT notification doesn’t seem to work for wemo. I got the smarthing IFTTT notifications though).

I set a power exceeded routine in Smartthings to turn off/reset my switch and am testing that now. Should work.

So virtual swich in smartthings. IFTTT sees it on and flips on all wemo switches. Power exceeded smartthings smartapp resets the switch to off (need that since lights can be shut off by other apps without it knowing and want this to turn them on).

Thanks for the help!!!

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