Any other SmartThings Internal plugins? Other than IFTTT

Hi People,

Are there any other internal plugins that work with SmartThings iOS app other than IFTTT,

Its annoying that you cant make multiple actions happen for a single trigger on IFTTT.



What are you looking to do that IFTTT or the ST system cannot do for you at this point?

you cant make multiple actions happen for a single trigger on IFTTT.

@Shawzborne I understand that (SMILE). What I am trying to find out is what you are trying to do that requires multiple actions? Perhaps someone here can script what you need, or if you are a programmer maybe I can direct you to what you need in order to get it done.

The easiest way that I can think of is using a Virtual On/Off Button that’ll trigger multiple events and then have IFTTT trigger the Virtual On/Off Button.

Exactly! :smile:

OK. Now how do I set up the virtual button!

Found instructions for the virtual button. Added it to IFTT. Now the tricky part. I a physical button that I would like to trigger the virtual button. (Or if possible, I would like the physical button to trigger the IFTT directly. But I couldn’t figure out how yet. The physical button doesn’t show up in the list of available devices for IFTT—only switches not buttons!

I wrote a couple app that ST now includes with the mobile apps that may almost get you there…go to the marketplace, lights and switches, and find the IFTTT apps…

However, reading your post it almost feels like you may need something else. Let me know if this works for you…

A couple different thoughts.

  1. you can have the same trigger fire multiple IFTTT recipes at the same time. It does mean you have to have a recipe for each THAT, but it works fine.


If Switch A turns on, then lock the front door.
If Switch A turns on, close the Serena shades.
If Switch A turns on, turn off the Harmony power activity.
If Switch A turns on, turn on the porch light.

Then pressing Switch A once will fire all four recipes.

  1. you can have a virtual switch follow a physical switch in many different ways.

Smart Lighting
Rule Machine

OK. Virtual button did the trick. Then you can use the Rule Machine to write as complex a set of triggers and actions as you might like—even in combination with IFTT.

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