Multiple switch on/off with smartthings & ifttt


I have try virtual switches but for the love of god i am unable to trigger multiple on/off
I have:

  1. smartthings hub
  2. 3 switches (a,b,c)
  3. google home

Here’s what i want to achieve:

  1. I say “im going to bed” to google home
  2. Turn off light a
  3. turn on light b
  4. turn on light c

I was only able to do 1 thing (as in only turning on B & C), how do i achieve this?



You have a few options:

  1. This does most of the heavy lifting for you if you set it up. You can assign virtual switches to run scenarios, and a scenario can control any number of switches, routines, SHM and pretty much anything on ST.
    [BETA] GOOGLE HOME HELPER-From the author of Ask Alexa

  2. Create a virtual switch, and then use CoRE to create a piston that does once again anything that you can possibly think of in SmartThings
    [RELEASE CANDIDATE] CoRE (Community's own Rule Engine)

  3. Create a virtual switch, then use the Smart Lighting app to trigger scenarios/lighting based on the switch state.

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I do this now with IFTTT and a virtual switch in Smartthings. Virtual switch on then IFTTT turns on and off multiple switches. After 3 minutes the virtual switch turns off via a power allocation timer in ST to reset itself.

You can have Alexa or Home turn on the virtual switch.

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Hi guys,

Thanks for the quick reply. I managed to solved this the easy way as described by zebrablinds
I created 2 smart lightning app to trigger the lights when a virtual switch is pressed
That solved my issue


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