WEMO no longer visible on ST

I’ve had 10 WEMO switches working with ST for a year. I decided to “wipe” my ST setup (due to a non ST or WEMO issue) and made a new “location” for the hub. Everything (WEMO, OSRAM, GE, ARLO, ST) works great; HOWEVER, the wemo items no longer appear in the ST app… They work with the WEMO app (and in Google Home via voice) but aren’t visible in the ST app.
I’m very familiar with the ST Labs process for WEMO but it doesn’t work. My suspicion is that ST won’t let me hook them up to the new “location” (same hub just new location) due to a “exclusion” problem… Would love to hear ANY insight anyone might have. Thanks in advance.

i think your best best is going to be emailing support.

Will do. Thx

Stupid question time but you have factory reset them first.

They disappeared off my ST setup as well - checked their settings with the WEMO app, and there was a firmware update due. Did that, and they magically appeared back on ST. All they time, they were still online and active on my other (Echo) systems as well.