Wemo Networks

Anyone remember if you can have multiple wemos on multiple networks? Ie. one wemo on “home” network and another wemo on “home2” network? I have two hubs since it’s a split level ranch house with a fireplace in the middle that blocks signal.

Kinda think I tried this once and it messed up the other wemos that were working fine when I tried to have multiple networks across the devices.

You can but why? You then have to switch wifi each time you want to manage the different WeMo networks.

??? Wemo doesn’t require you be on the local network to have it work.

It should work fine. There’s no security so once it’s on your phone app, you should be able to control it from any network

I’m not so sure about that because one of the troubleshooting tips that Belkin gives after a failed firmware update is to be on the same network and the device your Wemo is on. That statement leads me to believe that you would have to change Wi-Fi networks every time you wanted to control the other device.

What I did for my Wifi problems was not to use “dual hubs” but one router as a “mater” router (handling the address assignment, QOS, etc.) and set other routers around the house and have them in AP mode only. Connect each Wemo to the closest AP, and since you are using the same “backbone” they should all show up. That method works well for me.

I have my wemo stuff on the 2.4GHz network and phone on the 5GHz network. It works fine. I can also use my Wemo Maker to open my garage door via the “cellular” network when I open the wemo app. Once it’s set up and working, with Remote Access Enabled, you can use it from anywhere

Once the wemos are connected you can absolutely connect and use them from different networks. The question is upon configuration of the wemos.

I think you can only configure a set to work on one wifi configuration. Does anyone know if that’s true? Ie. If I do not “save” the wifi config and change it when adding a new device will that jack up the existing?

Two things have led to success for me with Wemo. One, using the Wemo Advanced smart app (not the standard app, the advanced one). Two having one network with APs that are used for range expansion.

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Thanks guys. My wemos have been working good for me so hesitated adding this device where I know my network was weak. Debating moving to a mesh network so will not mess with switching to access points for now. Will check on the advanced app. Didn’t realize there were two. Great appreciate the help!!!

With the standard app you can only use it in one location but you can easily duplicate the app to get it to work in multiple locations. See my article below: