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Hi. New to the community. Wondering if anyone knows how the WEMO wifi based devices work with ST? I know they say it needs to be on the “same network”. My question is, do they have to be within WIFI range of the ST HUB? or if they are are connected another access point on the same Layer 2 subnet will it work?

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So the ST hub doesn’t actually have WIFI so it just needs to be on your network with the Hub.

Don’t get your hopes up for performance of Wemo though…

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SmartThings -> WEMO integration is still apart of the SmartThings Labs or in other words… BETA. Unless you already have an investment in WEMO you’ll be better off and much happier going zwave or zigbee. We have seen a couple of the Labs devices stop working in the last few months. But in short the WEMO devices connect to your wireless access point and need to be on the same layer 3 network as your smartthings hub (same layer 2 would be the same port on the same ethernet switch or different ports on the same ethernet hub) Heres the link for the setup and if you chose that route i wish you the best of luck.

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Additionally, there are some WeMo devices that ship with a broken UPnP implementation so you can’t talk to them any way but through the WeMo cloud. (I’m looking at you, humidifier!)


I have 13 Wemo switches/sockets/sensors plus 4 Wemo LEDs. The latter, remove them from the wemo link and deposit it in the nearest trash can. Connect the wemo bulbs to the ST hub. They are fully supported and work very well.
For switches and such, it becomes a bit more difficult. You can try the Smartthings Labs but as suggested, you might not be very happy with the results. Very undependable.

If you have an android mobile you have several options. The one I use is a package by MikeP called WemoManager/Server. A PC version of the WemoServer is also available free however without the android package you cant create rules which you will need to control a switch remotely/externally (i.e. ST SmartApp).

I use the PC version of the server and have defined a “OnEvent” rule for each state (on,off,toggle) for each of my wemos. On the ST side I create virtual on/off switches for each wemo I have. When I press any of these switches the ST app sends httpGet("$ip/event/$rule") Where $ip may be lan/wan numeric address or something like www.mywemoserver.org. The $rule would be whatever you defined with WemoManager/Server and may looks something like FMRoomLightOn (complete example = httpGet(“http:/www./myWemoServer.com:4030/event/FMRoomLightOn”) )

Problem, when someone, something changes a wemo state outside of the ST app. Somehow the ST Virtual switches needs to be updated. There is a “simple way” using SharpTools and Tasker or there is my way. :smirk: In brief it involves an apache web server running php. I chose that route as all the part were already in place at my location and the resulting setup proved much faster than any other method. Unfortunately, not an easy trasnferable setup if your starting with nothing

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Such a shame. I really like the hardware of my Wemo Insights. I just wish I could swap out a zigbee radio and bypass the Wemo cloud.

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I wish sometimes this were a forum with the fun animated emoticons. My reply would be:

:flamethrower -> Wemo

That was about my experience.


Thanks for the replies everyone. I appreciate the input, and I guess I will look for a non-Wemo solution for my project.

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Definitely! Look for z-wave equipment that works with other systems just as insurance.