Wemo mini Smart Plug - 4 pack $70



It looks like at least some people have it working with SmartThings, at least with the classic app. (I don’t know if it works with “smartthings (Samsung connect)” or not.)

If you have the Wemo Homekit bridge, it will also work with HomeKit.

I needed a couple more inexpensive dual platform pocket sockets, so this is a good sale for me! :sunglasses:

Note: since these also have an IFTTT channel, they could be used as a physical proxy between systems for some use cases, maybe more conveniently than a smart bulb. So you have one system turn it on, and then another system react to it coming on. It means you can’t use it for anything else unless it just happens to fit the use case, but some people will find that possibility valuable. :tada:


I just got this… looks like you can connect the Wemo Mini plug to HomeKit without a bridge soon…