WEMO Mini does it work with ST?

Are you running the “Wemo Mini” in smartthings? I have the switch on the same network and it is not discovering. This may be due to how new the Mini model is being released on January 10th.

I have resorted to setting up a virtual switch and integrating via IFTTT.

If you add a thing manually, then select Smartthings Labs – Belkin WeMo Switch then add it, I believe it will start working.

Unless someone can pop up here in the thread and definitely say they have the “wemo mini” working natively in their ST hub, I’m convinced it doesn’t work or doesn’t work in my network setup. I have seen many “it should work” comments here but I can say I have tried and failed.

Returning them to purchase osram 15A z-wave plugs. IFTTT integration is more complex than I am looking for.

I did, it’s now working with my Smartthings.

I could not get the mini to work with smartthings. The wemo and Alexa work but smartthings wouldn’t discover through regular add device nor smartlabs wemo switch. Let me know if wemo mini specifically has worked for you. I may try ihome isp5 instead.

I am abandoning and going with the Lightify switches.

I did learn that my network is not properly passing multicast from the wired port my ST hub is attached to into the wireless LAN. The wemo mini requires UPnP to be discovered, which relies upon UDP multicast. I also learned that different wifi vendors have different limitations for passing Multicast from wired to wireless.

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Steps to get mini to work.

  1. Download wemo app (can be deleted later on)
  2. Change phone wifi to connect to “wemo mini” network
  3. Launch app and complete setup.
  4. Once complete, open smartthings and add thing manually.
  5. Select “smartthings lab”
  6. Select 3rd one down “belkin wemo switch”
  7. Complete setup
  8. Delete wemo app (optional)

I just received one today and was able to Discover It by adding a thing. Did not have to add manually. This was after setting it up through the WeMo app


Cross post: Has anyone here gotten the Wemo dimmer switch to work with ST? I dont think the current wemo DH is set up for dimming so I assumed not.

Will test this tonight.

Worked exactly as you described.
Is now connected to Wemo Min switch.

I can also confirm that it is working with ST. I blocked Wemo mini from accessing the internet at the firewall and it still seems to work, too. Lowe’s website has them for $14 so I went to the much closer Home Depot and asked for a price match and was able to get them for $13.60!


Excellent digging!! I was troubleshooting why my Wemo devices couldn’t be rediscovered by SmartThings (they were stable for over a year until they dropped off). Turns out that sections of my network (Powerline ethernet portion) had trouble passing on UDP multicast packets. Placed the SmartThings hub elsewhere, and BAM! Found all my Wemo devices easily.

Thanks for the multicast help ShadowVlican. My problem was not related to PoE, but my router was blocking multicast packets from LAN to Wireless LAN. I couldn’t discover my Wemo Switch or my Sonos through SmartThings. One quick router firmware update later and everything popped up perfectly.

Router: TP-Link Archer C7 HardwareV2
Firmware: 2013___ to 2018____ (latest from support site)

I just did the same thing. Just “Add a Thing” and it showed up.

Without installing the wemo app? Just native with smartthings, is it zwave? I tried the kasada but didn’t like having to have tplink account here, ST app there so I returned it. Looking for a cheap navite small plug.

The WeMo Mini is WiFi and will require its own app as will all WiFi plugs except for the SmartThings WiFi plug. That specific model does not require even a smartthings hub.

Otherwise look for zigbee or zwave plugs to work with a SmartThings hub. For a very inexpensive very simple plug, the IKEA Tradfri works well. Buy directly from Ikea for the best price.

For a fancier plug with two outlets and more features, the Zooz zen25 zwave Device is very popular.

Both of these connect directly to the smartthings hub and do not require a separate app.

Thx. 18 bucks for the Samsung one is fine, for some reason I saw some wifi Samsung’s that I wasn’t sure about. Need something that’ll allow me to use both wall plugs and has a front outlet because I’m pluging in a power supply to my led strip lights that’s probably too wide to fit in the zooz sideways. These look like they’ll stack too so I can get 2 if needed. Option B get an outlet.

Ikea one seems great for 10 bucks. Size looks good but doesn’t seem as small as the Samsung.

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I did have to install the wemo app and configured the plug to connect to my wi-fi .

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Perhaps I misunderstood. I ordered the Samsung one thinking it was native but it wants me to connect to my Samsung account and select my wifi so it’s no different than the wemo. I like the size but really want zwave not wifi.