Wemo Lights Compatibility?

I am new here.
I already have some wemo devices, But I found out that they are limited as far as devices. I do not have SmarThings Hub yet. I would like to know if wemo lights are compatible with SmartThings Hub? What other devices are compatible.

Thank you.

Hi, I have WeMo bulbs, a switch and an Insight.
All are fully compatable with ST but you will need to use the Wemo (Connect) SmartApp to connect them to the hub.
I have found them to work OK with the hub and (at the moment) turn on/off OK with the rules I have set up.
I’m also using ST Motion Sensors to control the lights.
Not a very sofisticated setup but works well for me.

Of all my devices “connected” to ST my Wemo sockets/switches, at the very least, are as reliable as anything out there. Been well over 1 year (maybe even 2 years) since I have had any issue with any of them. Here is the catch… I dont use Belkin software at all and until recently did not use ST Wemo (Connect) app. Over the past 1+ year Wemo <–> ST control was via a ST SmartApp (& virtual on/off buttons) talking to WemoServer (Java) written by MikeP. Wemo to ST was done with the same apps but included a PHP script. While this setup worked well it was a bit of a nightmare to maintain. Fortunately, I no longer have to.

Recently ST updated the Wemo (Connect) app which was a huge improvement but we still had these devices appearing “offline” more often than I lked. Ule, a member on this forum, rewrote/enhanced this app and you can find more info on it here

In the UK, my Wemo bulbs directly connect to ST and it works perfectly. Picked up first time as a device, no need for a smartapp or custom device handler

I agree with @SplanK about the bulbs, no need for the wemo connect smartapp.
The switches will also connect but connect a whole lot easier using the smartapp.

Not without Wemo (Connect) or a revision of such.

I can get my WeMo Switches to connect without using the wemo connect app but it can take 5 or 6 attempts.
As said earlier using the app is reliable.

Thanks all for all you answers.
So the only thing I need now is the ST Hub, right?

@cdikland What is Wemo (Connect)?


It’s an app… Once you have a hub and install the ST mobile app, you can install it via the “Marketplace” option. First get the hub, register it (create account) , install the mobile app then… We’ll talk :slight_smile:

So I started with WEMO switches and an Amazon echo. WEMO and the IOS device are fully controllable without ST hub and integrate nicely with echo. The WEMO devices are very reliable as long as you have a solid wifi networking. Initially I found them more reliable than z-wave devices. I eventually added an ST hubs but I try to keep them separate from ST which rarely runs a series of schedules 3 days consecutively reliably . The scheduling features in the WEMO app I far more dependable.