Am Confused do WEMO bulbs work with Smart Hub?

I bought WEMO Belkin bulbs after seeing on here, that they are supported.

But when I tried to install, it wasnt given as an available option

So I then stumbled across UK site, which doesnt say its supported

Im confused. Can I get belkin WEMO working with my Smarthub v2???

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Yes, I have Wemo LED bulbs and connect to them direct from the hub (i.e. without the wall socket that comes with the Wemo starter pack).

I followed these instructions and it worked fine - follow the reset procedure if the bulbs don’t connect:

Link to Smarthings documentation

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Sean - brilliant thank you! Worked! I can now see if they are more reliable for turning off/on by not using the Belkin plug in device and their servers

Thank you

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