Wemo lights: SmartThings shows they’re offline, but they’re not

Another problem…

All of my Wemo lights are now showing as being offline in ST.

The devices are online, my Internet is fine, and I can control them with my Wemo app.

But in ST, they all show offline, and they can’t be controlled either directly or via automations.

Any ideas how I can fix this??

Try going to menu > settings > linked services > open the Wemo integration > click through the screens and done. See if that helps!

I don’t think there’s a formal Wemo “integration”.

If I recall, Wemo devices are added individually — not through an ST-Wemo integration.

(And Wemo doesn’t show up in my list of integrations!)

There is an integration…

I don’t have Wemo in my list of integrations…

They were all working fine yesterday — nothing changed that I know of.

Any suggestions?

If you installed them using an old custom smartapp, then there would not be an integration showing in menu > settings > linked services.

Also, if you are using a custom smartapp, you may want to post in that thread and the developer will be able to respond.

I don’t recall any smart app or integration when I first set them up — if I recall, it was a pretty similar process to setting up a SmartThings outlet. I did each switch and outlet individual, ST ‘found’ it, and they were set up! (It was a few years ago, via whatever version of the Classic app was there at the time.)

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Update: 4 days later, and my Wemo devices are still either offline or unresponsive… but only in SmartThings. (They’re all connected and working fine via the Wemo app.)

Oddly, a few automations including Wemo lighting have managed to turn Wemos on or off — but only a few.

Today, I tried removing one of my Wemo outlets from ST so I could add it back in.

It didn’t work. I couldn’t add the plug back in to SmartThings.

I’ve reached out to Support. Fingers crossed.

This is happening to me now. Did you manage to figure this out?

Nope. I gave up.

SmartThings user support first replied back to me with instructions for joining Wemo bulbs to ST — which is totally different from the Wemo switches and outlets that is asked about. I replied back to them asking for the right info, and I’ve heard nothing further from them. They never replied. Very, very frustrating.

When they never answered back, I searched for the info on my own. It seems that Wemo dumped SmartThings some time ago — and that compatibility was lost for many ST users back then. Mine kept working just fine until a few weeks ago. Whether it was a Wemo firmware update or my switch to the new ST app, it just broke.

Everything I read says that Wemo is now intentionally incompatible with ST. Belkin’s choice, and there’s no way to make it work with SmartThings again once it stops.

(It sure would have been nice if ST user support had a clue about this…)

Since so much of my SmartThings is either working inconsistently or is just downright unreliable these days, I’m not ready to replace all of my Wemo products with something that’s ST-compatible.

For now, I have Wemo and ST stitched together using IFTTT. It’s a pain to have to use a workaround, but it does work. (To get some of the functionality that I had before, I had to create a bunch of virtual switches in SmartThings, since IFTTT doesn’t do everything that a ST routine could do.). It works fine, but it’s frustrating to have lost yet another thing from ST that used to work, and frustrating to have to build my own fix through a third party.