WeMo Lightbulb

I read that SmartThings now support the WeMo Lightbulb, and it does find it and add it to the SmartThings app OK, no problem. However, turning it on or off doesn’t work. At All. I’ve reset the hub, no effect. Anyone else have trouble with this bulb that supposedly “works” ? I bought it via the link from SmartThings above, so should be the right model.


Maybe you need a firmware update just like when installing the new Cree connected bulbs. Have you emailed support?

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First thing to check is your zigbee firmware (should be 1.5.4) which can be found in the IDE on your hub’s page. If you haven’t gone into the IDE yet and don’t know what I’m referring to, I’d recommend contacting support. Since the Wemo is officially supported, they should be able help out; and if the issue is firmware, you’d have to contact them anyway.

Thanks Scott,

Ahh my Zigbee firmware is 1.3.1, but I thought they usually push out firmware updates automatically, in particular if they send out a public announcement that “now these new devices are supported”… I’ll ask them to update my hub I guess… Thanks, it’s probably that…

Interestingly, I found that I can ask for an update using the app, but it says “none available”… definitely I need to talk to support…

Yeah, that wouId probably do it for you too, mine had to get bumped up to 1.5.4 if I remember correctly to get functionality out of my Cree bulbs.

I have 4 wemo LED bulbs working within ST. In fact, they work better than with the Wemo Link.

Well at least it “should” work then… Although, today my entire house is pretty much dead thanks to loooong delays in updating anything, sluggish app, wrong statusses… Hopefully a forced firmware update can help although it seem a server-outtage is in progress as I write this…

I really don’t understand why 1.5.4 hasn’t been pushed out to everyone. It comes up a fair bit on here. Hope they can get to it quickly for you!

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Talked to support, and they needed to push a firmware update out. Apparently they haven’t pushed that to all versions of the HUB, so why they wrote that new devices are supported before pushing out the firmware update is beyond me. Maybe they like to get support calls :slight_smile:

Anyway, thanks for all the help here, you were absolutely right !