WeMo Insight Switches

Has anyone got these to work yet (the insight version) as I got them before I got smartthings and I am considering getting rid of them and replacing them with z-wave versions so they actually work with SmartThings!



I’d be curious too - the z-wave types don’t seem to do the power profiling that makes the WeMo insight switches so cool!

Agreed… has anyone got any news on getting the insight switches at least working as a device?

When you try and create a device it says under TYPE Wemo Light Switch so I would think it is do-able. However where do I get the Zigbee ID from?

I received this email after my inquiry:

Thanks for checking in. We don’t have them planed for any short
term release soon, so no ETA to share at this time. Keep an eye out on our blog
(blog.smartthings.com) or sign up for the latest and greatest news on our


Ok that answers it for me time to offload my WeMo stuff!

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From the original code of WeMo/Smartthings (which is horrible by the way) I was able to build a new App/Device just for WeMo Insight. At first I modified the original code, but I couldn’t release this with my name on it.
Anyhow here the new app: https://github.com/zzarbi/smartthings/blob/master/wemo/wemo-insight-connect.groovy
And here the device: https://github.com/zzarbi/smartthings/blob/master/wemo/wemo-insight-switch.groovy
This only handle the WeMo Insight, since it’s the only one I have.

The steps are:

  1. Setup your Insight switch we the WeMo App
  2. Add the device script to your list of device type (need to be a developer)
  3. Add the app to you list of app, set it to your home location (need to be a developer)
  4. Using the Smartthings App, go to “Smartthings Smart Labs” and run the WeMo app

The device does capture, the Power usage although I’m not sure what does SmartThings do with it.

PS: There was a bug in the original code, where after an hour if you turn your switch manually it wouldn’t update SmartThings which is fix here. RunIn() didn’t work I had to use Schedule().


This is just what I needed. I have the WeMo crockpot and wanted to connect it to ST. I was trying to use the existing WeMo light switch code and modifying it to my needs. I was able to find the crockpot, but not control it for some reason. I modified your device type and Voila, I have control. Now to just add all the functionality so it’s actually usable.

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This looks great but right now it won’t see any insight switches under discovery?

I’m loosing status and control randomly. But it sounds like the regular wemo devices do that too. :frowning:

Doesnt find any of my insights. Furthermore, after 1 hour of playing with it, decided to uninstall it. There appear to be no way to do this from within either the app or the IDE. The former has no “uninstall button” The latter wont delete the app because its installed in one or more locations…

Yea the official Wemo SmartApp doesn’t have an uninstall either. I had to contact support to have it removed. :frowning:

I eventually got it uninstalled from “My Smartapps” using the IDE “My Locations” option but it would not allow me to actually delete the code from within the IDE. Hence it still showed up “Smartthing Labs” Only way to remove it there was to go back the IDE “My Smartapps” and click the Home close icon unde location. Once I did that I could delete it and it disappeared from Smartthings lab as well. :persevere:

Oh wow… you would think I would get an email notification when people directly reply.
I would like to help but I need to have more details.
Discovery might be slow, how it works is every 25 seconds it sends a ping on the network.
If a device is found, every 5 seconds it sends a request to get the correct name and verify that the device found is the correct type.

So it could fail by not getting any response after the ping or fail by not getting the correct device. If one of you can add some debugging line.

I’ll try to add uninstall button.

Hey Nicolas, is you app still working? I am trying to make it work, but have no luck to detect any of my insight switches :frowning: any thoughts? Followed your steps, device type installed, app is showing, but not discovering anything. Bobby

I think mine broke too. If you haven’t noticed there’s a period of like a month or so where it will just stop working. Then I use the native SmartThings supplied one which now supports Insights, then that one dies and I switch back to this one. I think I need to try Static IP assignment next. I’ve heard that helps.

Officially, the WeMo Insight is “still not compatible.”

@SBDOBRESCU, @keithcroshaw My app still works for me… I use it every day, there was one time for some reason the switch got a new IP and it stopped working… But I just had to open the app again and wait a few minutes and it updated the IP… There is a debug mode you can activate and look at the logs…

Can I assign an IP from the Wemo app?

Thanks for your quick response. Could it be that I also run the official unofficial labs app? I have two switches out of 5, which are deeply linked, so I cannot remove the app. But, one huge motivator for going only with your app, would be IF the state of the switch is refreshed more often than one minute. It kills me that the best I can do right now is to use pollester, which refreshes every minute.