What does your ST installation consist of?

Been working with Smart things for couple months now.

(1) sonos connect for wired multi-zone audio system
(3) sonos play 1
(1) sonos playbar
(7) Linear Dimmers
(1) Linear on/off
(2) GE link bulbs
(4) Phillips Hue Led strips
(2) Smart things motion sensors
(1) Ecolink motion sensors
(3) Ecolink tilt sensor for garage doors
(3) Mimolite for garage door
(1) Smart things presence tag
(1) Zwave lock
(1) GE zwave duplex outlet

next big things is replacing all lutron dimmers with zwave switches so i can have local “physical” control of lights to accompany the motion sense lighting setup i am going for, automating rest of garage doors, zwave locks for rest of exterior doors, automating blinds i have, window and door sensor for all doors and windows of house, and adding more motion sensor for each zone for security and automation.

Been using ST for about a year. In an apartment till may, so my install is limited to “portable” devices

1 ST Motion Sensor
1 Wemo Motion Sensor
1 ST Multi at the front door
2 Prescence sensors
2 Aeon Labs smart switches
1 Wemo switch
Foscam Camera
Netatmo Indoor/Outdoor weather monitor
Aeon Labs energy monitor plugin - using for washing machine done alerts
Aeotec Relay
2 GE Outdoor plugs that I usually use for Christmas lights
2 GE Bulbs - in the box now since I don’t have a good use for them at the moment
Jawbone Up 24
Harmony Home Hub + Remote
WeMo Crockpot - just got that working this weekend with ST

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How do you have the crockpot setup? IFTTT?

@Asher I built my own device type based on the ST documentation for the WeMo switches and a thread on here where another user added their WeMo insight switch.

It’s works, but I still need to come up with a better way to change the temp and cook time. Right now it’s done on the preference page before you turn it on. It’s been a great way to learn how to build an ST device type

Sweet. Would that device type work for the other appliances they have like the coffee maker?

It wouldn’t directly, but it shouldn’t be too hard to modify it to work.

I used the stock ST WeMo and the code here and modified it to work with the crockpot

I googled the coffee maker and it looks like it only has off/on. If those commands are the same as the switch (which I would suspect they are) , you may only need to add the coffee pot’s device signature to the stock ST connect file.

The signature can be found by opening a browser and going to http://deviceIP/setup.xml and looking for something like this


Then you’d add the urn string to the WeMo Connect Code:

private discoverAllWemoTypes()

    	sendHubCommand(new physicalgraph.device.HubAction("lan discovery urn:Belkin:device:controllee:1/urn:Belkin:device:sensor:1/urn:Belkin:device:lightswitch:1/YOUR_URN_HERE", physicalgraph.device.Protocol.LAN))

I am brand new and just ordered my equipment. Here is what is on its way. i can’t wait for it to arrive. Should be fun…

Smart Home Starter Kit
GE In-Wall Paddle Switch (On/Off) (Packs: 2-Pack)
GE In-Wall Paddle Switch (Add-On)
Aeon Labs Z-Wave Minimote (Color: White)
GE In-Wall Outlet (Duplex Receptacle)
GE In-Wall Paddle Switch (Dimmer) (Packs: 2-Pack)
3 2-gig CT100 Thermostats
2 Ecolink Z-Wave PIR motion detectors

I will add more after I get the initial equipment working as desired.

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2 SmartThings SmartSense Presence Sensors
2 Linear Dimmer Switches
2 Linear Dimmer 3-Way Switches
4 Linear Switches
1 Philips Hue Hub
7 Hue GU10 Bulbs in Living Room
1 GE Link Bulb in Bedroom
1 SmartThings SmartSense Motion Sensor
2 Aeon Labs Multi Sensors
2 Aeon Labs Minimotes
1 Everspring Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor hooked into Doorbell
1 Aeon Labs Door/Window Sensor
3 Schlage Camelot Deadbolts
2 LFM-20 Relays hooked into Garage Door Openers
2 Ecolink Tilt Sensors
1 SmartThings SmartSense Temp/Humidity Sensor
1 Everspring AN128 Z-Wave On/Off Appliance Module hooked up to a Dehumidifier
1 GE Outdoor Light Plug-and-Control Power Outlet
1 Foscam FI9821 (Not on SmartThings)

Current Projects (Hopefully finished this week):
1 Everspring Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor hooked into Smoke Alarm/CO Alarm
1 Honeywell TH8320ZW Thermostat

Future Projects:
I got the SmartThings Shield for Arduino and an Arduino and I’m looking for a good project. I’ll probably build a Smarter Irrigation Controller in the Spring, but right now there’s 2 feet of snow.
Lots more switches to add, a couple door sensors, a couple more Foscams, add Hue bulbs to the twins nursery (coming this spring) and maybe a couple hue bulbs in my man cave to sync with the TV for ambient lighting.

It’s about the time to get my Swamp Coolers ready, and I would love to make them intelligent. @zj4x4 Mike, would you mind sharing how you accomplished it? Thanks in advance.

@soonill I connected the swamp cooler to a smart outlet and then triggered it to come on/off based on a temperature sensor.

On my third mail-order to add devices. So far I have added:
Four additional GE in-wall switches
Third Ecolink PIR motion detector - triggers light on stairs
Two additional in-wall light switches

Waiting for my pressure pad that I will pair with a door open switch to make Z-wave aware

This is fun…

2 - Aeon Minimote
2 – iOS Devices (cameras)
8 – Lifx bulbs
1 – Nest
1 – Nest Protect
2 – Roomba 630 with Thinking Cleaner
1 – Smartsence Moisture
4 – Smartsence Multi
3 – Smartsence Presence
2 – Aeon Recessed Door Sensors
2 - Levitron VCRS2
1 - Schlage Centrury
2 - GE 45603 appliance modules
4 - GE 45609 my light switches
1 - Enerwave ZWN-333M
1 - SmartThings SmartPower Outlet

I am an owner of a 1000 sqft 2 story condo with 2 full time occupants and an occasional couch surfer. I have about 40 devices my hub is driving over wifi, zwave, and zigbee and I am currently very happy with my kickstarter funded setup.
My approach to home automation is that my home should “just work”. I only use the app for adding new hardware, checking logs and testing new smartapps and devices. The iOS app was used for 1 month for presence detection but I found it unreliable due to iOS limitations. I use the smartsence presence to detect when my roommate and I come and go. With hello/goodbye home scripts set to turn off lights, and TVs to minimize the vampire power usage when no one is home. There is also a script to set my nest thermostat into home/away mode as we come and go to lower power usage even further. With IFTTT and Manythings I have repurposed some old jailbroken iOS devices as security cameras that look like clocks and weather stations that record movement when no one is home and send me alerts. Cleaning has even been automated with 2 Roombas attached to thinkingcleaner for wifi access. These mighty little robots clean the floors everyday only when no one is home, with a weekly dump of the garbage bin my floors and carpets stay clean. There are several GE 45609 as my light switches and GE 45603 appliance modules for some left over lamps and I use double taps of the light switches to turn on/the appliance modules. In the den I have my TV and AppleTV auto power down when not in use and a metering appliance module the turns off the entire entertainment system then the power usage drops to a set level at night. There is also a fan that turns on when it is too warm and people are home. My closet doors have Aeon’s recessed door sensors to turn the lights on/off as the door opens/closes. The entryway light turns on when it detects a new presence and turns off when the door closes. In the bathroom I have the Levitron VCRS2 controlling my fan and heater light that I converted to an AirPlay speaker so I can rock out in the shower and everything in the bathroom turns off when I turn off the main light. The front and back doors and windows each have smartsence mult’s that turn off my Nest when they are open too long and monitor the temp while posting the temp changes to xively. I use the temp data to update a live wallpaper on my Mac using geek tools and then I transmit the desktop with airdisplay to a wall mounted IPad to show the internal/external temps from SmartThings. The most boring things has to be the moisture sensor sitting by my hot water heater waiting to notify me should it die in a horrible manner and my Schlage Centrury that unlocks my door on arrival and locks when the door closes.

The future:
Neurio: This device opens up some serious possibilities w/o buying a lot of little battery powered devices. My current plans are changing the color of a light bulb when; the doorbell rings, the washer/dryer/dishwasher complete their loads, when the microwave goes “ding”.
Nest: I want my Nest and SmartThings home/away to be a 2 way relationship with SmartThings setting heat/cool based on outside temps and adjusting the temp when someone sets it too high or low.
Farko Skylight: Farko makes a solar powered zwave skylight that I want to contol it’s open/close, shutter and blinds based off weather. This will be super cool if it works!
Pressure Sensors: Boldly going in spaces that motion detectors just can’t handle like under a welcome mat to turn on the entry light, under the sofa cushions to turn on the TV when I plop down and under the steps of my staircase to turn on/off a light when I traverse the stairs at night. For me theses are all places where precision is key.

Links and Thanks to the talented developers:
Neurio: https://github.com/yracine/device-type.myneurio.groovy

Nest: https://github.com/smartthings-users/device-type.nest

Levitron VCRS2: https://github.com/bdahlem/device-type.VRCS2

Roomba: https://github.com/sidjohn1/smartthings

Xively: https://github.com/chetstone/temperaturelogger

IOS Security Camera: Using old iPhone as a Webcam

Schlage Centrury: https://github.com/skp19/st_turn_on_when_door_unlocks


You are one happy person, @sidjohn1! Salute! :slight_smile:

I suppose it would be easiest to just insert a picture: http://s70.photobucket.com/user/gytrdunkat/media/Share/sthing_zpsjcztgbzl.jpg.html

There are a few of the projects I like. At 6:30 am, the master bathroom lights slowly brighten to 100% by 7:00am. My wife likes that one. Also, in the middle of the night, if you sit up from bed, a hidden motion detector will notice (so the animals don’t falsely get noticed), and turn on the LED strip lighting under the bed and lighten the path to the bathroom. In addition, the bathroom lights turn on at 10% when you walk in, and shut off after no motion (2 minutes I think). You simply go back to bed and everything shuts back off.

In the downstairs bathroom, it detects when a cat walks in (most likely to use the cat box), and turns the light and fan on, light turns off after 5 minutes of no detection, and the fan stays on for 15 minutes to clear the air after those little dirty… nvr mind, not a cat fan.

Various other lighting changes depending on time/presense.

The most beneficial, I think, is the ecobee thermostat. We went from heating the house (with a 7 day thermostat) about 6 hours an evening at 68 degrees down to about 2 1/2 hours a night (from the time we get home to bed time). With the 7 day, it would be like 68 for a few hours in the morning, 62 during the day, 68 evening, 62 during sleep. Long story short, kids activities keep us away from the house during the week nights, so we aren’t home much. It turns the heat up when we get home, and at bed time, the heat turns back down to 62 degrees for sleeping. On top of this, depending on presense, if either me or my wife are working from home, it automatically stays in the heating “Home” position.

I’m a big stickler for lights being turned off, and anyone that has kids knows how much of a pain this can be. Now, we simply leave, everything shuts off, and I have zero stress. Add that my garage door will close (AssureLink, tied into ST) if I forget it, so no more of that feeling when your 10 miles from home and can’t remember if you closed it or not.

Future plans are irrigation for our garden this spring, and various other failsafes for the pool. It’s been a fun ride the last 6 mos or so!

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@gytrdun nice setup man… I am well on my way to a similar configuration. I have one garage opener already that I use to open the garage in the morning automatically when I wake up so I can remote start my car to warm up using my key fob… would love to tie that into ST but that isn’t currently possible. I have 6 lights on GE switches that trigger on motion and then turn off when no motion is sensed and when everyone leaves or goes to bed. I have a pressure mat paired with a open/close sensor outside my front door that sends us a text. when someone is standing at the front door. And finally I just bought a few sonos devices so I plan to integrate them into the system soon. So far I just have a cheezy weather report hack that talks to us in the morning. I love your bathroom use case and look forward to doing something similar. My biggest challenge is figuring out which lights to enable since I have a rather large home - more than 6000 square feet and three floors so it isn’t feasible to just enable them all. More to come.


The bedroom and the bathrooms lights is just brilliant idea.Can you share the steps and things used?


In the bedroom, just a standard ST motion detector, with a GE wall plug in zwave device (for the bed lights). That is partially hidden behind a stand up jewelry box (much trial and error to get this right). Set it to only work when the Hello Home! mode is set to night, and motion is detected. and from that config within the app, tell it to turn back off after a certain amount of time.

The bathroom lights are slightly more complicated. Again, standard ST Motion detector, and I’ve replaced the light switches with GE Dimmable Zwave Decora paddle switches (available from Lowes). Same theory as the bedroom lighting, however, I just have it set the dimmers to 10%, rather than turning on a switch, and then turning back off after there is no motion for a certain amount of time. These are tougher, if only because you have to replace the physical switches.

Assuming you are new at this, in all fairness, it won’t make much sense to you until you get in there and start playing with the App. I will gladly admit the app is a bit confusing when setting these things up, so it’s a bit of trial and error. I had to walk away a few times when trying to set these scenes, as it’s not intuitive in the app at all.

Good luck!

FYI the ecolink motion sensors are pet immune with adjustable sensitivity. My 8 pound dog (cat sized) doesn’t set them off.

Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00FB1TBKS/ref=cm_sw_r_awd_sKN3vb57CMMVT

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Just got my system up and running this week.

Ecolink tilt sensor for garage
Currently using a wemo maker and magnetic switch to run garage door. Use IFTTT to integrate into ST.
(3) GE In wall paddle switches
(2) GE in wall add-on switches
(1) GE in wall outlet controlling table lamp
(1) GE in wall outlet controlling a garage circulation fan
(1) ST Multi monitoring the back door
(1) echo for the awesome voice controls

Plans to add a smart thermostat or some type of temp sensor and relay to control my garage heater since most conventional thermostats only read down to about 45F.

Would love to add some fan controls and dimmers in certain places.

I’ve just started and I can already see how addicting this can become!

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@jim_lewallen I noticed that you have the Presence tags in the vehicles. Does this work well for you and what is the range of them. I have to admit I hadn’t thought of this idea and was not going to get any since I didn’t want to have to be carrying them around.