Wemo accounts are now live (or are they?)

Just a warning… you may wish to postpone updating your Wemo app at this time. I just updated my app and I can’t login to my new Wemo account. Or I am able to login, the app doesn’t find my Wemo devices and logs me back out. Therefore I have lost access to my Wemo devices. If I am able to resolve my issue, I will post back.


I hope this doesn’t break anything with the Wemo / SmartThings usability. Hopefully it only becomes better, and adds the dimmers.

OK … day 2 and this is still a hot mess!! I can not stress enough to folks to NOT update their Wemo app at this time. Wait until they resolve their new cloud account mess.

Good news… if you do upgrade the app… the Wemo devices do continue to work with ST, google assistant and Homekit. I believe this is because the devices have yet to migrate to tHe new Wemo cloud because it is broken.

Bad news… app is completely broken. Login is hit or miss. You get logged out frequently. While devices are seen in a prompt that asks you to link them to your Wemo cloud account… it fails. Until they are linked, there is no control of the devices through the app.

As a test, I removed one of the plugs I was not using. Big mistake, now I am unable to add it back. Funny, you need to connect to the plug by selecting it as your wireless network on your mobile device but once you do, the app loses connection to your Wemo account and doesn’t let you do anything. It will be fun to see how they resolve this issue.

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Please keep us updated.

I have numerous wemo switches and want to be sure, when this is working properly, they continue to work with ST. I also have a wemo dinner I never installed because it wouldn’t work with ST previously. Hoping that this new account change might fix that.

I saw this email and thought to myself “oh boy… here we go.” I only got the Wemo Devices to test with them, since they seem to be hit or miss for SmartThings users to complete discovery.

I did update my Wemo App (iOS), and there is an option to not set up a Wemo account at this time. My devices are still there and they still function in either App. This seems like the way to go for now, until they force users to make an account at a later date (should hopefully work better then).

The solution for me was I was forced to create a new account using a different email address.

I can’t use the original email address as for some reason that account became corrupt. While there is the option to delete an account, it would not work with the original account that was not working. Whether it was first day issues or on-going… no one has an answer.

So far, everything is still working with ST.

I also was able to add the device I removed earlier, now that my account works.

So good luck to everyone.


You all are too kind to the Wemo series.
Hint: Android Play store reports 2.4 stars out of 5 for their app.


Unreal that the Wemo stuff is still this bad. Makes ST look good.

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The Wemo boards are blowing-up.

Update on mine, I created a Wemo account last night because I was bored.

  • SmartThings still works fine.
  • Wemo App control still works and I didn’t lose any devices.
  • My Google Home runs through SmartThings, so that still works as well.

Seems like they’ve been fixing the early issues, but I’d avoid account creation for now just to be safe and because it is not mandated yet.