Welcome Kris Schaller to the Community!

(April Wong) #1

Hi Everyone!

I’m super excited to welcome @kschaller into the community team. He will be joining us as a Developer Programs Engineer. In his role, Kris will be supporting us in the community with your written SmartApps and helping to usher new submissions through the publishing process! How exciting!

Kris hasn’t travelled far to us, as he’s been serving as a Partner Support Engineer at Samsung. He’s already written some SmartApps and also enjoys Android Development. ( Whoohoo! Love for my favorite little Green Guy! )

Aside from that, you should ask him about coffee. He enjoys a quality cup of coffee, but he also enjoys the brewing process too.

So, please extend a warm welcome to Kris!

(April Wong) #2

(Eric R) #3

Welcome, Kris! :grinning:

(Kris Schaller) #4

Thanks @baldeagle072!

(Jody) #5

Welcome @kschaller have you done anything with Android wear?

(Kris Schaller) #6

Thanks @jodyalbritton! I do have some experience with AW, but much more experience on the main Android OS side.

(Nico) #7

Hello and welcome @kschaller !
With you here hopefully we got more easier to build and solve everything we face with SmartApps

(DLee) #8

The more DPE’s the better. I heart code samples. Welcome Kris!

(Andrew Mager) #9

Kris rules. Very excited to work with him.

(Kris Schaller) #10

Can’t wait to provide you guys with some awesome samples! Once I get more acclimated here I’m open to suggestions on what you guys want to see.

(Kris Schaller) #11

Yeah looking forward to helping make the experience for the community one that only gets better over time!

(April Wong) #12