Welcome Andrew Mager to the Community

Today we welcome Andrew Mager (@mager) to the SmartThings Community team. You’ll see him around these forums as well as at events as he has joined SmartThings a a Developer Evangelist.

I am very excited to have Mager as the first member of the growing team of people focused on growing the community and enabling and facilitating the creation of new SmartApps and device types. I’m very excited to work with Mager as his insights, suggestions, and connections are already proving valuable.

Mager lives in San Francisco, enjoys good, music, good, food, and good beer. In other words he will be a terrible fit at SmartThings :wink:

In his own words:

I’m very excited to join the SmartThings family. For the past three years I’ve been doing a similar job at Spotify, and before that I was at a small startup called SimpleGeo. I love humanizing APIs and platforms, especially at meetups, hackathons, and conferences.

I’ve been a fan of home automation since my dad was controlling the lights on our Christmas tree with the IBM Home Director in the late 90s.

When I’m not on the computer, I’m probably in the kitchen cooking or outside with my dog Sam. Music is also a big part of my life; I play trumpet (yes, I was in the marching band) and guitar and love curating playlists.

You can best connect online with me on Twitter and Instagram. Can’t wait to meet all of you!

Please join me in welcoming Mager to SmartThings!


Welcome Andrew! Nice to have a new member of the community.

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Welcome Andrew expect many questions from the community all about who you are and what you are doing for ST

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Thanks Yves! Looking forward to learning all about the community here.

Hey Edward, thanks for the kind note.

@theedpope Thanks for the nice note. Ask away!

Welcome Andrew! Please remember that wearing steel toe shoes is mandatory while working at this site. :smile:

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Please keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times

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OK tell us about yourself. What brings you to ST and the HA field?

Homebrew for the ST members that come visit Santa Cruz. Just sayin.

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@theedpope I’ve always been a fan of smart devices and their interconnectedness.

I’m also very passionate about developer communities and generally building cool stuff. I love the idea that you can come to a hackathon with no idea what you want to create and 24 hours later, you’ve built something that does something useful.

I love meeting developers and talking through their ideas or suggestions.

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@docwisdom I will hit you up next time I’m in SC! What kind of brew are you making?

@mager right now a honey peach blonde but its all going to the company BBQ. Next batch will probably be an session of some variety.

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Alrighty, I suppose we can count on SmartThings Open House party with some homebrew beer tasting one the move to the Bay area s compete. :smile:


Oh oh… can I come… Can I?><

Ooooh… I can see it now… a battle between Good Guy Andrew @Mager, and Bad Guy Andrew @Urman. Should be some interesting fights to come! :slight_smile:


@chrisb I have already beated him in ping pong numerous times :smirk:

@mager, he he he he… You said beated… That is my new word of the week. Thanks Man!

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I let him win obviously