Custom welcome home message?

Hey everyone, I’m new to SmartThings. I am attempting to get a custom message going that whenever I come home and open the door my sonos will play a welcome home message. However it seems to play every time the door opens not just when I arrive home after being away. I tried to accomplish this with stringify too but have the same problem. I have attached a pic of my stringify flow. Maybe I set it up wrong? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Well your conditions will trigger every time the door is opened and your present, so if you only want this to happen when you get home then you need to change your trigger to when your presence changed to “present” and the door opened at roughly the same time

Although this works, its not ideal as presence based on phone location is not really that accurate

You can find lots of examples of Core/WebCore pistons with presence

Maybe something along the lines of
The front door opens
5 minutes of Scott changing to present
Then play message ?
I’m not sure whether you can do that with stringify , I would use WebCore