Voice Notifications (Simple Integration)

I apologize if this topic has been previously discussed but I am only able to locate iterations of the question I am presenting so I was hoping someone could answer me definitively. I am a noob, and I apologize for it.

So I picked up Smart Things yesterday and was able to install various door/window sensors around my home, as well as use the amazing community created apps to integrate my Nest Thermostat and Nest Protect. Simple question. I am looking for a speaker that will announce that a window is open ie. “Master Bedroom Window Open”, “Front Door Open” etc. Is there a z wave device (or other compatible device) that will accomplish this goal without the necessity for additional coding or linking to audio files. Basically I am looking for a device that will announce the open and close state of the doors, and allows me to determine what the speaker announcers via the existing SmartThings app with any text I input, not selected from a preset list. If it has the added functionality to serve as a siren that would also be nice. Any help clarifying this would be appreciated.

There are some speakers that work with SmartThings and don’t need any special stuff. All you need is to use an app like Big Talker. SamSung Multi Room speakers like Samsung Radiant R1

Or you can go with DLNA connect and a inexpensive speaker like Fabriq for $49.00 on Amazon, but be aware there is a slight delay from when the event happens and the speaker speaks.

Please do a search for both DLNA and Big Talker. I use the inexpensive method.

Big Talker allows three groups each can use a speaker of your choice which overrides the default speaker.

use Samsung or Sonos for speakers

found in Things Marketplace via ST app

then use CoRE to input text to give alerts

[RELEASE CANDIDATE] CoRE (Community's own Rule Engine)

Sonos is a good option considering the other features that the speaker brings for your general music requirements. ofcourse, you can eventually think of integrating Logitech harmony and create activities to start specific playlists from SONOS. Then it will enable you to create use cases like --> When its morning and you walk into the kitchen or open a door, then start the early morning playlist (or) Radio Station etc.
Sonos has a good range of music services it integrates with.

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Have you seen any good deals on the Sonos?

The lowest I saw the SONOS PLay 1 speaker go is $159 around Thanksgiving. I sell SONOS speakers as part of my business, but with shipping etc it will be the same as getting from Amazon.com…I have not seen any deals recently… I could even offer you free phone consultation if you’d like … just to help the community… PM me if interested. I do this all the time here in Dallas Fortworth Area (www.smart-dots.com)

The Play 3 was down to 256 the other day on Amazon.
Play 1 hasn’t been on sale recently outside of some open box deals (Best Buy has these somewhat regularly)

I don’t play a lot of music, so I was also looking at the Samsung Radiant R1, not sure they work native in ST.