Welcome home with SmartThings? (Individualized welcome for different household members)

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First and foremost, I know what it’s like being the new guy in a forum. If this has been posted multiple times elsewhere, please direct me to the links without verbally battering the new guy. =) I wasn’t able to locate what I was looking for with a few quick searches.

I’m looking for some advice to take my smart home to the next level. I currently have Vivint for my security system. I also have Sonos for sound throughout my house and I use Alexa for some quick voice controls. I looked through various IFTTT recipes and can’t see to find what I’d like to do there.

I’d like my Sonos to welcome me or whoever may be walking into my door into the house, if they’re a friendly face (possibly determined via their smart phone). If I walk in, I’d like to say, Hi Ruben, welcome home! And the same for any of my friends and family if they walk in the door. Is this something that’s possible in some way using SmartThings?

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I think there was a relatively simple way to do this using Big Talker or something similar so that it would respond to the arrival event of your particular presence sensor / phone. My guess is that you can do this with CORE as well or SharpTools.

Of course, if you want to take it to the next level, you need your own theme song… there are plenty of projects out there to do this, so I’m sure it wouldn’t be difficult to implement… :slight_smile:


Welcome. This is the most respectful and helpful group of people you will ever run across. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.


Welcome to the community! If you are familiar with WebCore you can set up a piston to do exactly what you are looking for. Here is a piston that I am currently using, feel free to import it and customize it to your liking.


Thank you! That’s a start!

If I’m reading the code correctly, you’re depending on a door sensor to determine when you enter and leave? Is that correct? I’m not much of a coder but I am in the technology field. So, I’m not 100% a dumb dumb.

Is this easily importable into the SmartThings Hub? Or will this have to be input into another device? I haven’t purchased any hardware yet.

Yep you are correct, I am using a contact sensor on the door between the garage and kitchen so when the user opens the door 2 seconds later they are welcomed home. If you used a more granular presence method you could probably get away with just using the presence sensor (aka cellphone) but my geo fence is rather large so I needed a second condition to determine exactly when the user was home.

After you get your hub setup, you will need to create a developer account in the smartthings IDE. Then you can install WebCore (https://wiki.webcore.co/GitHub_Install). Once you have WebCore installed it will be very easy to import pistions.

If you are new to smartthings then using WebCore might feel like jumping in the deep end but there is no better way to learn how to swim :slight_smile: There is a new community page just for WebCore that is full of members who are more knowledgeable than me that are always willing to help https://community.webcore.co/.

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Let me tell you: there is a wide spectrum of folks here. No “dumb-dumbs” (OK, not many!) — just people exploring the huge variety of things you can do with the SmartThings platform! :sunglasses:

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You can also use a Followed By grouping method (instead of and) and have something along the lines of:

   John’s presence changes to present
   followed within 5 minutes by
   Front door contact changes to open
   Do something...
end if;

The advantage of this is that something only gets executed once after the arrival, opening the door again within the same 5 minutes won’t repeat the actions.