Welcome Home - SmartApp activated

Looking for a little help. A couple days ago I found a feature in the SmartThings app on my Android Pixel 3 XL that monitors the geo location of my phone and allows me to trigger stuff when I get home. I would now like to turn off this ‘feature’ but can’t find it anywhere! I get a “Welcome Home - SmartApp activated” notification on my phone, but I can find the feature anywhere in my SmartApps. I’ve even sniffed around the SmartThings Labs area.

Can anyone give me any direction?

I found it. Under SmartApps | three dots | SmartThings Labs, at the bottom “Welcome home”. Not sure how I missed it before.

Had this set up to turn on a light ‘when I got home’. Actual result of this feature was my wife complaining that the light was on when she woke up. Either my Pixel 3 XL phone is flaky… or sleep walk!

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If only there was a way to see what automations are attached to what devices, crazy talk I know

Maybe something like WE USED TO HAVE IN CLASSIC !!! … AAAhhhh

Life would be so much simpler for all of us

Sorry, I had a moment there

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That would be pretty handy, especially if had a crap load of devices and automations.

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