I´m back routine

Question about I’m back routine, i Have not installed the smartthings app on my wifes phone yet not on the childrens phone eighter.
My question is when i Come home from workshop etc etc i’ll Have an automation that Will turn on 2 lights basen on my geofence. But If my wife is home and she is look at tv or something and having the lights dimmed down to 30% or something, and then when i come the lights will dimm up to 100% so If I goding to install the app on hers phone Can i automate so If I comes home the lights turns on to 100% but If my wife already is at home then the lights wont change. Can I acomplished this in the ST app or do i Have to use Webcore for it?

Sorry for my bad english but I’m learning :slight_smile:

/Daniel (scandinavia)

Yes, you can do this using the native app. In order to do so, you will need to make use of ‘modes’.

I have the “Goodbye!” routine trigger when “Everyone Leaves” and this routine sets my home mode into “Away”. I then have the “I’m Back!” routine trigger when “Someone Arrives” and it sets my home mode into “Home”. Now, here is where they tie together. The “Goodbye!” routine only automatically occurs and the home mode is “Home” and the “I’m Back!” routine only triggers when the home mode is “Away”. Setting these mode restrictions occur under “Additional Settings”, “Automatically Perform…”, “Advanced Options”, “Don’t automatically do this if I am in one of these modes”…well hidden - click and select the modes where the routine should NOT run.

I’m on my second month and still playing with it. There is huge WebCore following here and perhaps there is an easier way to do it there. My preference is to do as much natively as I can then I will get into WebCore to handle what is truly beyond the scope of the native app. I have been burned on other platforms where 3rd party extensions were “no longer supported”.

I will get there one day, but so far I have been satisfied with the Routines and SmartLight App.

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Ok! But will it work let´s say my wife is home and she have set 3 light bulb on blue color and 1 bulb on let´s say green.
But our I´m back! routine triggers all lights to warm white color, will it change all the bulbs then and she has to renew hers lightseen or maybe smartthings don´t change the bulbs becouse she is alreade at home and in home mode.

Before i´ve get the smart things hub we only got the philips hue hub and with that hub all lights change color when i get home when my wife already was at home, so she had to change back all the lights to the scene she had before i come home.
Maybe smart things is better on that, i have to try :slight_smile:

When you use modes, and the Presence sensor on her phone as well, then the ST hub will already know that someone is home, so when YOU come home and your wife is already there, the I’m back routine will not even run.

Takes some setup, but it can be done.

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Thx that was the answer i was looking for