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I can’t add hub to new smartthings app.

@Brad_ST did you reset or purchase a used hub? sometimes it ‘hangs’ during the reset. contact support@smartthings.com and attach that picture showing the S/N.

I buy new from shop. I try to reset couple of times and it’s still showing same message.

niedz., 26 wrz 2021, 01:57 użytkownik UPCOMING SMARTTHINGS LORD and [FIRST RESPONDER] via SmartThings Community <smartthings@discoursemail.com> napisał:

it probably got hung during those resets. if you are form the us, contact support@smartthings.com and request they they reset it. include a picture with the S/N.

The hub is claimed to your account still. If you sign in at account.smartthings.com and click on My Hubs do you see the hub in question?