Introducing Myself

Hello. My name is Brad Marsh. Recently I joined the SmartThings team with the purpose of improving the SmartThings development tools.

Already we’ve been reviewing and prioritizing many of suggestions you’ve posted here concerning the IDE. Soon you’ll be seeing the implementation of some of them.

We’re hoping to make the improvement of the IDE a continual group effort, and with that in mind we will be posting screenshots and update notices to these forums in advance of any major changes. Your feedback on these posts will be instrumental in making the process of developing SmartApps and Devices as simple and efficient as possible.

In the mean time, if anyone has any ideas that they’ve been holding onto and haven’t posted in the forums yet, please respond here and we’ll take them into consideration.



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Hello Brad!

First off, congrats on the gig with ST. Next, I have to ask… What’s the story behind “Bbqhacker”?


Welcome to the party! Prepare yourself for usually polite but passionate feedback.

Like @wackware, I’m also curious about bbqhacker…

Thanks for the welcome.

Bbqhacker is my twitter nickname. I wanted to come up with something that describes me in two words or less, and no two words do that better than “bbq” and “hacker”. If you look at my twitter feed you’ll see what I mean. It’s nothing but posts about tech and pics of food.

Would be awesome if you hacked your BBQ! haha

Welcome to the community!

Welcome to the forums!

There’s a thread here that might be helpful: