We're on Twitter: @SmartThingsDev

Dearest community members,

We’re excited to announce that we’ve created a new Twitter account that is focused on the developer community.

Follow us here: @SmartThingsDev

We’ll use this account to blast out events, recap hackathons, and share interesting things that we are thinking about. We also wanna showcase your projects there to give others inspiration when building.

Feel free to interact with us on there any time.


oooh whaaaat. We have a facebook page too?!

Hey Mager! That’s a sweet looking new dev logo you got there :wink: . (Okay, a pat in my own back is very cringe.)

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Great work on the logo @April

Hi Everyone!

we’d love to hear what you want on our Twitter and Facebook pages!
Just so you know, we’re going to be featuring your top projects on these social media pages, in addition to any relevant news! :slight_smile: You’ll hear it here, but also on there! Interact with us on these channels! It’d be fun!

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