Weiser Home Connect 620 Zwave 700 Push Button Contemporary Deadbolt?

Bought a Aeotec Smart Home SmartThings Hub

Does a Weiser Home Connect 620 Zwave 700 Push Button Contemporary Deadbolt
work with the Aeotec Hub ?

Thank you

That’s a sister brand to Kwikset (I think Weiser is used in Canada and Kwikset in the US and the models are similar but with different logos). But I don’t know if they have exactly the same “fingerprint,” a manufacturer code that ST uses to identify a device when it is added to the network.

So…it should work the same as the similar Kwikset model, but might require a custom fingerprint. :thinking:

And of course as with all Zwave devices the frequency of the lock must match the frequency of your hub exactly. All of North America uses the same zwave frequency, so US and Canada are fine, but you can’t use a UK zwave lock with a US hub or vice versa.

What country are you in? Some ST app features are region-locked.

@rboy is an expert on locks and might be able to say more.

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Is this the lock you’re referring to?

If so, then yes it’s compatible with SmartThings, it’s basically a Kwikset white labelled version. If it doesn’t detect the lock out of the box, you can always force it to the use the correct device handler or check out custom handlers like this one which can access advanced features (for the 620, that’s controlling Audio on the lock as well as enabling/disabling physical programming for security).

Also like JD said, you need to match up the region z-wave frequencies.

You can use this page to keep an eye on the cheapest deals available for various locks

I believe the OP has the newer model series 700. The newer one has S2 security, otherwise they are very similar.


It’s a relabeled version of this kwikset model:


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Yes I will have the new 700 S2 series.

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I am in Canada

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The z-wave frequencies are compatible with the US. BTW where are you buying this lock from?

Buy from Aeotec site.

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Is that the official site for ST device lists that ST uses → https://products.z-wavealliance.org/ ?

No, that’s the official site for the independent third-party organization that certifies Z wave devices. Many of those will work with smartthings, but not all. And smartthings also works with many zigbee devices and devices that have a cloud to cloud integration, such as the Meross Wi-Fi smart plugs.

As others have said, the best way to see what works with smartthings in your region is by opening the smartthings app and going to the “add a device“ section.

Just remember that some models of a brand might work with smartthings while other models don’t, so you do have to do some drill down research.

Hmm, I don’t see any locks for sale on the Aeotec site

Here its the .ca site

I chatted with them and said that one works fine there are because I dont see it listed in the ST app. Maybe it under Kewiset

Aartech is an independent specialty retailer. They are an authorized seller for Aeotec, but a different company. Quite a few Canadian members have shopped with them.

Aartech Canada is a Canadian owned and operated business since 2002.

Aeotec in a home automation manufacturer which was founded in the US in 2006 as Aeon Labs. It later acquired a German manufacturer, Popp, and now operates from Germany under the name Aeotec. It is now the hardware partner for SmartThings for North America, Europe, and Australia.

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Thanks for that info

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Do you know why I get error 34-302 when trying to setup Weiser lock to a ST hub.

Lock 9GED18000-031 Weiser Home Connect 620 Zwave 700 Push Button Contemporary Deadbolt - Aartech Canada - Aartech Canada

Hub GP-AEOHUBV3US Aeotec Smart Home SmartThings Hub.