Weird things happening with smartthings since we moved

I’ve just moved house and ive got some strange stuff happening.
My hub was powered down for a week while we moved, before the move, our mobile presence worked extremely well and had no issues.

I setup our new address in Smartthings and even confirmed it via the web access.
But for some reason, our current locations within Smartthings is off by a few kms or says we are at the old location.
This causes our location to change every 5 -7 mins or so.
On top of this, within the app, all my rooms shuffle around and not in the order i put them in, i change them and a day later it does it again.
Has a gremlin taken over???

If you are using the same WiFi router as you had at your old house, This is a very common issue with any mobile presence after a move, regardless of the app you are using. Usually it just means your internet service provider has not yet updated your location to the shared databases. Your SSID is identified with a specific street address in several shared industry databases and until those get updated, anything that uses your Wi-Fi “location“ may still be working off your old address. That includes smartthings.

Both Apple and Google have their own geolocation services, and if you are using the same WiFi router as you had at your old address, it can take a couple of weeks to update. (And one may get updated before the other.)

Usually the quickest way to update is to connect to your WiFi with a device that also has cellular service turned on. The GPS will get your new address, the WiFi will get your old address, and the conflict between the two will start an update synchronization process, but even that can take a few days.


If you have some WiFi-only apple devices showing the old location while those using GPS are ok, you may be able to get everything synched to the new address by turning off location services, rebooting the device, and turning location services back on.

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Is it SmartThings having issues or is it your phone?

Recently I’ve been having issues with my Google Pixel phone suddenly thinking I’m somewhere else. Opening Google Maps shows that the GPS has a huge “uncertainty circle”. Tapping on the location dot seems to cause it to update the GPS and my location-dependent apps go to their correct modes.

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if you go to Advanced Web App

  • go to the Hubs section
  • tap on the name of your hub
  • is the Latitude, Longitude correct? You should be able to click on the coordinates to open a map of the location to check

Have you uninstalled/reinstalled the ST app? That has lead to the room order issue in the past.


That makes sense now, if i use the samsung phone app “modes and routines” it still thinks im at my old house.

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Checked advanced web app, location correct.

Havent uninstalling the app or anything.

I had that exact issue when we moved 5 year ago. The new house has a metal roof so the GPS receiver couldn’t get a signal when we were inside. I didn’t have SmartThings yet but what I would see is my Google Maps timeline would jump back to the old house in the evening, 250 miles in am instant. If I stepped out on the porch or driveway GPS would connect.

I think this went on for a month and only resolved when I replaced the old WiFi router with a new mesh system.

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Lots of Internet reports that it can take six weeks before the Wi-Fi’s SSID is associated with the new address in the industry databases. I’ve seen speculation that they may wait to update until they’re into the second billing period, but no confirmation on that. :thinking:

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It absolutely sucks, effects most of my automations for lighting and I had to disable my custom alarm automations.
I feel like a cave man using remotes to turn devices off and having to remember to turn lights off when leaving.
I used to love coming home at night to my lighting pre set or leaving lights and TV’s on and having everything turn off when leaving

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I understand the frustration. :disappointed_relieved:

If you change the SSID on your network, the new SSID should be associated with your new address, but then you have to go through and change every Wi-Fi device to connect to the new network name, so probably not worth it for most people.

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Have you considered having your mobile devices only use GPS until things sort themselves out?