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Hello everyone, I’m having a bit of a challenge. I just moved to a new apartment and setup all my SmartThings, I’m using Life360 as a presence sensor as well. However, my Android phone keeps showing me at my former apartment not the new one, even when I open Google map, it show me at my old place as well. This is affecting my setup at my new place as I have routines setup to be triggered by presence. Please can anyone help

If you turn off WIFI on your phone and just connect to your mobile provider does your location show correctly?

Have you changed your home location in Google Maps and in the life 360 app and the location of your hub?

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Hi Ryan, yes I have. I read one thread and they said when you move from one home to another with the same WiFi router from the previous home, you keep getting present at the previous location and not the current one.

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This is an issue caused by a database of router locations kept by either your ISP or your mobile phone provider or both. So you need to contact those companies and have them update your address to your new residence address as soon as possible. Otherwise it can take three or four weeks. It’s nothing to do with SmartThings, it’s just how these databases work. Apple does it differently than android, different mobile providers do it differently, and different ISPs do it differently. Oh, and Google maps does it differently yet again, so any apps using that one can also run into issues.

I believe you can update Google maps yourself, but for the ISP in the mobile phone provider they have to do it and it often takes a full billing cycle unless you could get support to do it sooner.

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This is why I asked the question about disabling Wifi on your phone.

I wanted to know your results before sending you down the Router path as this was reported here in the community last year that when you move locations…

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