Recent move, wont reset to new location

Recently moved to new residence about 5 miles away. I connected Hub at new res thinking system would just recognize new location, no luck. I was able to change my location via the geo map but Im getting all these repeated arrival/departures for our phones. I saw an older thread on here stating I may need a new router due to the mapping using the old location of router. I have verizon fios, and Im using their router.

What can I do to install sytem and my few sensors at new home?


Sorry, can you share how to do that.

I edited my post, original thing I posted was not correct.

Ok, thanks

Im finding its a big issue with Google mapping, has anyone had success with move and updating router location? I will contact Verizon and check if they will send another router but Im sure that will be at a cost. Seems like it should be able to be updated …

So here’s the thread that another guy was experiencing and it sounds like the exact same issue except his appeared more complicated because he had purchased a new router and had also moved. Scroll to the bottom of that thread and this might be your potential solution by renaming your SSID on the router. Evidently, Google records / stores this information. He is going to test this weekend, but you can get in touch with him and share your common issues. Hope this helps.

Will attempt the SSID change.

I wonder if increasing my location via map would help? I moved just 4-5 miles away, so if i increase map to include both old and new address would that help ST and Google location match up? Just causing a larger radius before ST arms while away mode…

If you want your Geofence to be that large, that’s up to you. I only have mine representing about a 3 block radius so when I am in range, it triggers a routine (ST Disarmed, opens my Garage door and unlocks a lock). I don’t know if you want to wide of a range. I personally would modify the SSID to a new name. That’s less painful to test out and see if the results work out.

Changed the SSID using the “_nomap” listed and it seems to be working, not getting all the false notifications : )

Thanks for the assist, now I just have to get my sons cell to be recognized better for arrival/departures…