Weird thermostat control display

I have two Moto G7 phones. One displays normally. One displays as attached. I rebooted the phone. Uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Still no luck.

Any ideas?


You are using the latest version of the app. Downgrade it to the previous version 2.17.0 from Apk mirror. That will solve your problem (probably).
Just to make sure confirm version numbers on the phones. Top left menu, support, about…

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Both phones are in 2.18.1

One phone works perfectly. The other is the problem. I will downgrade it and see what happens.

Please report back if you’ve got this fixed.

This is from @Rboy’s FB page:

ADVISORY: Do not update to the version 2.18 of the SmartThings Classic app. It has a bug where icons and tiles don’t show up in SmartApps and Devices. If you have already updated to 2.18, please report it to so they can prioritize fixing it.

Meanwhile you can try to downgrade to the ST Classic app version 2.17 and you’ll see the icons and tiles again. This is not related to SmartApps or device handlers.