Weird stuff happening

Any one else having issues with things dropping off . Multi sensor keeps dropping and also a Lightyfy bulb , but both at the same time , everything else seems fine .

Certainly lots of possible reasons for something like this to occur. I my case however changing the channel on my WI-FI router fixed my issues. Zigbee is very susceptible to interference from WI-FI routers.

Ever since the last hub update my z-wave devices have been acting all sorts of crazy. Everything on the zigbee side seems to be running fine.

Same thing here. My Kwikset locks, just two of them, have been dropping off. One is Zigbee and one is Z-Wave. The device health goes to unhealthy. I click the device, click the X to dismiss the offline notice, click Refresh and 5 - 10 seconds later its back up. I can lock/unlock without issues. Then it does it again a day or so later.

I submitted a support request about it and got this back which kind of confirms there are issues:

“I’m sorry you’re having trouble with Device Health. This is currently an issue that we are tracking and we definitely apologize for the inconvenience. When we have an update to this issue we will follow up with you via this email and let you know what we have fixed and if there is anything that needs to be done on your part in order to fix this. There is currently no workaround besides disabling device health for the time being but seeing as how the devices work this is less of a hindrance.”

Which I read as “Hey…its a problem, we broke something, but its not that much of a inconvenience so you’ll just have to deal with it…sorry.”

I’d put in your own support request. They seem to have broke something. I really don’t want to turn off device health since yesterday it flagged a leak sensor that really did have a dead battery that needed to be replaced.

The issue that is being tracked is around devices which are marked as offline but are responsive when you send a command to the device. This mainly impacts Z-Wave locks and switches but device health isn’t causing the devices to go offline. In most cases, device health is functioning as configured, meaning that the device did miss the required number of events to be marked as offline.

Knowing that probably doesn’t make it less frustrating but we are working to adjust device health to avoid scenarios such as you’re experiencing.


Yes, one Z-wave controller dropped off completely…had to re-provision it. First time in a long time I’ve seen something like that…someone is up…

This is exactly what’s happening in my setup. My z-wave devices are all but useless right now. Seeing as how the issue is being tracked, do I need to submit a ticket? Thank you for the update!

same here… lots of z-wave issues. zigbee has been rock solid

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I confirmed with the embedded team that there weren’t changes in 18.22 that would account for these issues but do reach out to support.

Both of your locks seem to have failed to securely include. Can you try removing and re-adding them?

@Brad_ST… thanks… will try that…

Even though they are both online and working properly and will work for a day or two? Actually the ZigBee one has been up for 3 days now and the Z-Wave since a manual refresh yesterday. I should still remove and readd them?

That was in regards to BatraD. Your Z-Wave locks are securely included already.

What you are likely seeing is the lock failing to respond to “check-ins” which mark it offline. We see this at a higher rate with “sleepy devices” such as locks. Then when you send the device a command, this wakes it up and brings it back “online” within SmartThings.

Some mitigations to that would be us proactively sending a refresh to devices marked offline and being less aggressive in what we consider offline. We are exploring these and other options as we know the offline notices are frustrating, especially when there are valid cases such as what you saw with your leak sensor.

Is it just a coincidence it started happening after the hub update a couple weeks ago?

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The light bulb seems to have settled down now but the multi sensor is still playing up .
At the mo it isn’t reporting when i open the closet door and that in turn doesn’t turn on the light or vice versa , battery and temp are ok .
getting sick of refreshing it … got some Xiaomi aqara sensors on the way , if they are anything like their motion sensors they will be ten times more reliable than the ST one . Shame really …

edit - showing as online in ide but nothing shows in logs if i open and shut door … crap

edit2 ffs now a different lamp is unavailable oh and now the cameras have just gone offline and back on … what the frig is going on ???

I’m also having issues with my Kwikset locks both z-wave. They go offline on their own every day. Need to exclude and include each time. The activity shows pinging 3 times every hour with change = true. The after about 14 hours of inactivity, it goes offline. Bought a new lock, same results.