Weird issue when I return home (I'm Back routine)

When SmartThings recognizes that my phone is back it runs the I’m Back routine. However, the issue is that it will run the routine and then immediately run the Goodbye routine and then a few seconds later run the I’m Back routine again. It’s almost like there is a hiccup with my phone’s location. I also use IFTTT for location recipes and it never has a problem with my location. Anyone else experienced this issue before?

That sounds like a “race condition”, which is what happens when events arrive in an unexpected order. Barring better advice, you can check the conditions that you set up to run automatically for both I’m Back and Goodbye routines. Check to see if maybe one of those conditions causes the issue. Is it possible that one of your I’m back actions trigger Goodbye?

The next step would be to check the event logs in the developer environment.

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll also try removing the routine and reloading it.

Mine did the same thing this morning everything weird started after this last update from Samsung

I’ve definitely had some weirdness since the latest update as well… “I’m back” not disabling SHM, slow presence updates causing intrusion alerts… not sure what’s going on. Didn’t seem to start until after the beta and 17.x was installed.