Mode triggering issues and SHM with iOS 2.0 app right now

(Ron S) #1


For some reason the “I am back” failed to trigger as missus went back home and SHM went crazy even though her presence was correctly detected. I am back did not trigger and even when i click on the routine manually, it fails to change the mode and the home in stuck in “Away” mode.

Any other guys facing this? I has been flawlessly working till 15-20 minutes back…

Chatting with support!

(Brian Smith) #2

Let us know what they say.

(Ron S) #3

They couldn’t figure it out. Leaving home from work. Will open a ticket. I triggered Good Night which correctly changed mode to Night… And then “I am back!” manually which forced the house back to “Home” for the time being. Luckily i do not have the sirens tied to SHM. That thing went crazy. Weird thing was wife’s mobile presence was correctly detected but did not trigger “I am back!” routine.

(Jim) #4

Yes, that happened to me once today also.

(Patrick Musselman) #5

Not using SHM right now but modes are not correct. Went from Home-Day to Away-Night.

(Ron S) #6

Please guys let support know!

(Patrick Musselman) #7

I contacted support.

(Jim) #8

I have a ticket in too, but the mode issue is secondary to a presence sensor issue.

(Ron S) #9

This is probably the fist time ever for me with the old or the new app that “I am back!” did not trigger unless of course there was a platform wde issue. Opened my ticket too.