Goodbye I'm back Routines

Hi Guys.

Got an odd issue that i have seen a few times. Ok , so the Mrs and myself are both using iPhones. We also use the Goodbye and I’m back routines. These work pretty much most of the time. Now i have noticed that on a few occasions we leave the house , 10 mins later get a push notification that Goodbye has happened and everything that i have set to switch off has. Great. However and feels a little more frequent, Leave the house and no notification and everything still running. I check on ST to look at the Mrs and mine phone and i can see that it has registered that we left when we said we did but Goodbye did not kick in.

Anyone else experience this? Anything i can do or check?

Thanks in advance.

Are you in the US or UK?

Exactly that issue mate. Can see ST registering both phones leaving but Goodbye does not kick in. I am in the UK

It’s possible that you are part of the same issue as everyone else in the following thread affecting a bunch of UK users where the Mode is being ignored.

Thanks mate. it would seem the issue is similar. Prob best to log a call with ST as has been advised on the other thread

Same issue here - I noticed today that “Goodbye” executed successfully, but after both my iPhone and Arrival Sensor were detected “I’m Back” failed to run:

2017-12-06 1:31:08.413 PM GMT APP system Status off Security system is set to Disarmed

2017-12-06 1:31:07.767 PM GMT DEVICE alarm off Siren event: off

2017-12-06 1:31:07.763 PM GMT DEVICE switch off Siren switch is off

2017-12-06 1:31:07.261 PM GMT LOCATION API piston Security Alarm Delay Sensor Basic piston executed in 92ms

2017-12-06 1:31:07.156 PM GMT DEVICE contact open Security Contact Trigger contact is open

2017-12-06 1:31:07.137 PM GMT APP_COMMAND open Security Alarm Delay Sensor sent open command to Security Contact Trigger

2017-12-06 1:30:53.545 PM GMT APP triggered true Alert with Lights has been triggered

2017-12-06 1:30:52.551 PM GMT APP triggered true Alert with Sirens has been triggered

2017-12-06 1:30:52.534 PM GMT APP intrusion alarm Upstairs Motion Zone intrusion detected.

2017-12-06 1:30:52.346 PM GMT DEVICE motion active Upstairs Motion Zone motion is active

2017-12-06 1:30:40.390 PM GMT LOCATION API piston Security Alarm Delay Sensor Basic piston executed in 82ms

2017-12-06 1:30:39.749 PM GMT DEVICE contact closed Front Door was closed

2017-12-06 1:30:36.589 PM GMT LOCATION API piston Security Alarm Delay Sensor Basic piston executed in 105ms

2017-12-06 1:30:35.925 PM GMT DEVICE contact open Front Door was opened

2017-12-06 1:30:30.811 PM GMT DEVICE presence present Guy’s Arrival Sensor presence is present

2017-12-06 1:28:34.333 PM GMT LOCATION API routine Home Fragrance was executed

2017-12-06 1:28:34.253 PM GMT DEVICE presence present Guy’s iPhone has arrived

I’m going to throw out something that may seem kind of silly, but while I was reading the other thread, it seems like a very high percentage of the people having issues we’re related around Goodbye or I’m Back.

If you guys just ended up modifying the existing SmartThings provided Routines of Goodbye and I’m Back and with the recent problems that have been posted over the last 12 days or so, why don’t you guys create brand new Routines like Arm - Away and Disarm System and replicate everything you have from Goodbye and I’m Back, then remove everything from those 2 Routines (triggers) so they no longer execute on their own.

It’s worth testing to see if something somehow got introduced recently creating some sort of negative offset because those 2 out of the box routines are being used.

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Good idea, will try that shortly and post back

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Thanks. Worth a go.


Seems to have fixed it - interesting enough my custom “Home Fragrance” routine was working consistently so I think adding a “Security (Disarm)” and ‘Security (Arm Away)” routine to replicate the I’m Back and Goodbye built-in routines works well.

Let’s hope the Good Morning and Good Night routines are unaffected…

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It’s possible that just creating a new routine to replace the old got things working, period and didn’t have any bearing on the existing Goodbye and I’m back Routines. If you have any other Routines that fail that are using Mode as a basis, I would replace them with a new Routine and then delete the old.

Just my way of troubleshooting things in a different way before going to support or screaming out here which doesn’t get it resolved, as you saw how fuming mad others are in that other thread. Hehe, I know from my past rants.