Weird GE Smart Switch Issue

I have a GE Smart Switch that has been working fine for about six months.

All of a sudden it has changed directions for on/off. Before flipping up on the toggle turned on the light and now flipping up turns the light off.

Does anyone know why/how this thing changed and how I can fix it?

(before anyone says it…yes, I guess I could take it out and turn it over. I’d rather fix whatever has changed)

Any help would be appreciated.

I dont know why this would happen but there is a way that should fix it. See this thread:

GE switches have a parameter that can be set to invert the switch if needed. The default device type for z-wave switched does not let you change the parameter but this custom type does.

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There was a recent platform change which I believe is what caused the problem for you.

@bflorian might say more.

Definitely report it to support. Include the exact model number of the device.

In the SmartThings App - go to the device - select the gear on the upper right side. At the bottom you will see “LED indicator” tap here… you can select in which state you want the LED indicator light to illuminate.

I’m having the same issue. I’ve got like 10 of these switches in my house and only one of them changed. I looked at the log and I see one entry that’s out of the ordinary.

2016-10-30 7:09:40.905 PM MST
3 hours ago DEVICE ENTITY_UPDATE DeviceUpdated Device ‘{{ deviceName }}’ updated false

Support recommended I remove the device from the network and re-add it. Strangely, that worked.

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