GE/Jasco switch invert on/off

It states that you can invert the way the switch toggles for on and off. Has someone created this? I’m using Android and can’t create any apps yet (I don’t think.) Also one of the blue LEDs on a switch no longer lights up. I’ve tried the various settings for the device and it still doesn’t light. Any help?


I also have a Jasco swith with the led not lighting up for some reason even when settings are changed through the app or IDE.
I was not able to find any infos On the web regarding this issue however.


Are you saying that when you press the top of the switch it want it to go “off” and when pressing the bottom of the switch to go “on”? This is the first I’ve heard that this is possible. Is there a reason you couldn’t just flip how you physically put the switch into the wall?

I remember reading through the manual that it is possible and you could just send a command to it that would tell it to invert the button. However, I don’t know how that would be possible to do through SmartThings.

Yes if I press the top of the switch it turns off. The boxes and wiring were very tight and that was the only way to get them in. There is an invert switch parameter in the instructions. I just have no idea how to trigger that at this point. I could do it if I could figure out how to send code/commands to it. I have not found a download to let me develop anything yet.



I would contact support. I don’t believe there is a way (yet) to send raw z-wave commands to the end devices for users, but this might be something that can be done by support relatively easily.

I know this is a pretty old thread but I’m hoping someone has figured out how to invert the on off button settings on this switch.

The documentation from GE/Jasco says it can be done and the generic SmartThings Z-Wave Switch has it listed in its code.

Yea, I have a couple of those and wrote a device for it.
The available device options are available when selecting preferences in the device tile.
Ignore the momentary function as it doesn’t work, me being cute…

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Yes they fixed me up. I need to see if they can check the little LED on the one switch cause it died shortly after install (or needs a bit flipped.)

Thanks Mike,

You the man :smile:

Published it but not seeing anything. Any thoughts? I’m guessing it might take a moment to show up.

You need to go into the IDE, edit your existing ge device and replace the existing device with the new one, it should be in the device dropdown.


What does those the toggle setting do?

Failed attempt at dynamically changing the switch orientation.
Tap top light on, tap top again off… I’ve got custom push buttons in the remainder of the house, so these are the odd balls…
Just comment that preference section out as it doesn’t work.

So I’ve started this automation addiction and had one switch that woulnt fit because of the length of the ground so it was installed upside down.

The code @Mike_Maxwell did work great…but…it doesnt show up as a dimmable switch, anyway to add/change/enhance that?

The relevant sections of the switch dth could be jacked into the zigbee dimmer dth, or whatever the stock dth for these dimmers is…

Also, as this is a configuration item, you can likely just replace the custom dth with the stock dimmer dth, the adjusted settings will likely remain after being set with the custom one.

Guess I just need to copy what you did and the stock code and play around with it. I am not much of a coder but seems this would be more of meshing two different templates together. I will see what I can come up with.

Thanks for the fast reply. Also this invert switch control really helped bridge the learning curve gap for the family who kept hitting the wrong button.

You only need to make the change once to the actual device, so just try changing back to the stock zwave dimmer dth.

I just installed the 12722 GE Smart Switch. I thought I read somewhere that you can change which button is on and which is off. The default seems to be that the top is on and the bottom is off. I would like to fip it the other way around.