Weird GE 12729 EZ Smart Dimmer Issue

So I have several of the GE 12729 EZ Smart Dimmers. I’m having an issue with one in particular that controls some outdoor wall wash lights (4 total on the circuit). So what happens is when I turn it on, either manually or via app, after about 5-10 seconds, the lights shut off. The status on the dimmer doesn’t change in Smart Things even after manual refresh, still says on. If I turn the dimmer off, and immediately back on, I get nothing. But the status does update to off and then back on in the app. However, if I turn the dimmer off, wait about 5-10 minutes and then turn it back on. The pattern will repeat… lights come on for about 5-10 seconds, then just go off. SmartThings status says their on. Is this just a bad switch? I did try excluding/removing it, then adding it back. But that did not change anything. I don’t think it’s SmartThings turning it off since it’s status doesn’t change. It’s almost like there is some sort of protection in the switch that is enabling. Circuit works fine with regular non-smart switch.

Try leaving it fully excluded for a few days. This will help confirm that SmartThings is not the issue.

These switches do have overload protection. If you don’t know how to check this yourself, you might need to bring in an electrician.


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Sounded like overload or possible loose wiring. You can just power off the hub and remove the battery if you think it’s Smartthings but it doesn’t sound like that to me.
To isolate overload. Just remove a couple of light bulbs. Checking wiring is a little more tricky if there is nothing visually obvious but you can check the line/neutral voltage with a meter.
Also another possible is a bad switch and I guess the only way to know is swap with another one.


I’ve had the same issue with both the Z-Wave version when used with Cree candelabra bulbs but its not every time, about 1 of every 5 turn ons. Turn it off, wait for the indicator to turn on (switch off), turn it back on and its fine the second time. I changed out a couple with the Z-Wave plus version and does the same thing. Replaced a bunch of the Cree bulbs with Philips Warm Glow and the problem got way less but still happened every once in a while (1 out of every 10 - 15). But the same switches with Cree 6" downlight retrofits I’ve NEVER had it happen with and I have those on the majority of my GE switches.

I don’t think its SmartThings at all, I think its the GE switch and a incompatibility with my candelabra bulbs in my ceiling fans (3 bulbs each). I’m eventually going to try different bulbs but there isn’t a huge selection in the candelabra bulbs to choose from. Also I’m 100% positive its not loose wiring or a overload (at least in my case). Doing it every time though seems wierd.

So again in my case (all LED):

Does it for Cree Candelabra bulbs pretty often (1 out of 5 turn ons)
Does it for Philips Warm Glow Candelabra bulbs pretty in-often (1 out of 15 ish turn ons)
Doesn’t do it for Cree A19 standard bulbs
Doesn’t do it for Cree 6" down lights (retrofit cans)
Doesn’t do it for EcoSmart (Home Depot brand?) A19 standard bulbs

I want to blame my ceiling fans for some reason and I plan on trying new bulbs when I get a chance.

As for the OP I would try different bulbs or as @Navat604 said remove some bulbs. If that doesn’t work try just one of a different bulb and see if that works and go from there.


Could be the inrush current. Different brands/models do have slightly different patterns.

I’m not sure what the problem is/was but it has been working well for a few months now. Hope it stays that way!