Weird Fibaro Dimmer 2 & smart lighting/routines issue

I have a strange problem with all my Fibaro Dimmer 2’s (3 of them). I want to use the physical switch connected to the Fibaro dimmer to trigger smart lighting rules. For example “when Fibaro Dimmer switches on, switch on lights A, B, C and plug D”. This rule is setup in Smart Lighting, and works when I switch the Fibaro Dimmer on or off in the app. However, if I switch the same Dimmer on using the physical switch connected to it, the Dimmer device in the app correctly changes to “on” but the smart lighting rule never fires. The same happens if I dim using the physical switch.

Oddly, I can work round this in WebCoRE, i.e.

  • Fibaro Dimmer 2 on/off/dim using physical switch
  • WebCoRE piston fires on “Fibaro Dimmer level changes()” and updates a virtual dimmer device to match the real Fibaro’s status and dimming level.
  • Smart lighting rule triggers from this “Virtual Dimmer Device”, and works perfectly every time.

With WebCoRE disappearing (and SharpTools not being able to easily replicate the rule), I’d like to solve the underlying problem here - I don’t understand why I can trigger a WebCoRE piston on a “Fibaro Dimmer changes” event, but Smart Lighting ignores the same thing? Why does Smart Lighting not trigger from the physical Fibaro Dimmer, but does from a virtual dimmer device?

For info, I can’t trigger Routines with the Dimmer 2 physical switch either. No events appear in Live Logging under the Fibaro Dimmer device when I switch it on or off using the physical switch or via the device in the app, so I don’t know if the same events are being fired in each case.

I realise this might go away when my Fibaro dimmers change to Edge drivers, but I won’t know until that happens. Does anyone have any ideas why I’m seeing this behaviour or what I can do to fix it?