webCoRe O Auth

Not sure if this is the right place. I was attempting to follow the instructions for webcore and when it got to the O Auth part I hade duplicates listed in comparison to the guide. Can anyone tell me what I should do, please?


It’s because if the order that you installed things. I’m guessing that when you originally added the code, you did it all manually. Then at some point you created the repository for the GitHub directory, then you did an update from Repo and all the SmartApps appeared in the 3rd box (basically as new), because it doesn’t recognize the manually created SmartApps you created before.

If that was the case, what you should have done after creating the repository was to update the SmartApps (look at your screenshot) by manually editing each SmartApp and insert that repository under Source Code Options and Update. Then when you would perform an Update from Repo, it would have recognized those previously installed versions.

So I’m not sure if you installed WebCoRE from the marketplace using the versions of the SmartApp that don’t contain the repository or the other ones.

If I’m correct in the order that you did these things, I would delete the versions that contain the GitHub repository and then go update the original ones with the GitHub repository. I would make sure you have backups of all your Pistons before messing with anything.

Don’t hold me accountable if you delete the wrong ones. I’m just trying to lead you in the right direction as to why and how this can occur. :slight_smile:

I would also try asking your questions about Webcore over here. https://community.webcore.co/


Only reason I didn’t send him there was because this is one of those things within ST that is a standard issue that people create for themselves and not a specific issue with webCoRE, although the results of removing them incorrectly if he did already install from the Marketplace could lead him over there. The new video may help people avoid some of these pitfalls in the future. :slight_smile:

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I deleted the ones that weren’t in the guide images and then followed the new video. Now gonna try setting up a piston.