WebCoRE installation/setup in loop

I’m in EU. I have been running CoRE for 4 years, installing the code manually from GitHub.
I recently switched to the new ST app, and have some issues because some things does not work in the new ST app.

I found the newest CoRE code (have not updated for a long time), and it then had an installation guide I needed to go through which I tried. I then discovered there is a whole new setup where CoRE now consists of 4 smartapps. So I have now linked GitHub and IDE together, the CoRE SmartApp I had already was “obsolete”, so when I selected that, “publish” and “execute” it looks good. I then installed the other 3 Core apps as well.

But the issue that that every time I start the CoRE smartapp, I get the installlation guide and I have to go through the same setup every time. Something is not right.

So I tthink of removing the currently installed Core SmartApp, and then install it again, BUT I fear if I will loose all of my pistons.

Any idea to fix this loop, and can tell me if I loose pistons if I remove the Core app?

Best Regards Simon

Can you show a screenshot of the issue you are seeing? I am confused if you are talking about the old core or webcore.

Also, if you remove core…, all your pistons would be deleted. In webcore you can create backups and write down the code to restore them but you can’t in core.

Thanks for your response.

I paniced a bit when I now found out that none of my pistons works. I found the old Core code, last update in 2018, update my Core SmartApp with that code, and now fortunately all my pistons are back :slight_smile:

So I’m a bit afraid of moving to the new WebCore app. I have been through the guide on the webcore website, but perhaps that is for new users.

How does an old user as me transit from the old CoRE to the new WebCoRE without loosing old pistons?


I would highly recommend installing webcore as the old core is deprecated and no longer being updated. Unfortunately, the only way to migrate your pistons from core to webCoRE will be to manually recreate them as there is no migration utility since the structures are vastly different.

Here is the webcore installation guide from their wiki page:

Here are the installation and usage from the new app. In the guide above, when you get to the Classic app instructions, switch to this one instead.