Duplicate webcore smartapps in IDE?


Hi all,

I posted his issue in the webcore forums but unfortunately no one answered, hoping that someone might be able to help of I post my question here:

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After updating webcore from repo I seem to have
2 of everything and all are on the latest version aside from the dashboard - one has, one hasn’t.

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    I used to have one of everything, is this an issue? Do I now need to delete the duplicates?

Could this be because when I first updated I may not have selected all of the apps? I.e. I did not update everything at the same time?

*EDIT having delved deeper, I can identify the newly created smartapps by clicking on the ‘eye’ icon. Is it safe for me to just delete these? Or should I just leave everything as is?!

Webcore thread here: https://community.webcore.co/t/duplicate-webcore-smartapps-in-ide/5842


Ok got it down to this, but I cannot delete the last 2 duplicates apps…

I’ve un-linked them from Github, but they are seemingly impossible to delete, the ‘webcore’ duplicate app reports:

Error 500: Internal Server Error

Whereas the other ‘piston’ duplicate reports:

This SmartApp can’t be deleted at this time because it is installed by one or more users

In My location-smartapps the duplicate apps don’t appear - it’s just the usual 3 webcore apps - ‘webcore’, ‘webcore storage’ and ‘webcore dashboard’ - which is apparently normal, there are no strange or ghost apps appearing in the indented webcore section…

I have read that some people have managed to delete rougue entries like this by ‘writing over the code with a switch and save then they are able to delete’ - I’m not really sure what this means? What switch should I over-write the code with, could anyone help me understand this?

Many thanks!

(Robin) #3

Just paste any old smart app code over the top of it, then delete.

I think you could also just change the name in the definition section of the code.


Appreciate the reply Robin, thanks. I will give your suggestion a go later today. I don’t suppose you have any idea how this happened in the first place?

(Robin) #5

I think it’s related to the smartapps getting unlinked from GitHub so when you update from repo it creates a new copy rather than overwriting the old.


So to update - I got rid of the duplicates by overwriting them in the code section with a different smartapp, running the simulator, then clicking ‘uninstall’ - many thanks to @RobinWinbourne and @jkp (another thread) for helping me out - hopefully this solution will help others faced with the same issue.

EDIT - Spoke to soon - now I cannot delete the replacement apps! Arrgh!! - Fed up now, sent an email to ST to sort :weary: